Sunday, March 18, 2012

We Danced on TV

No, not on Dancing with the Stars and not on So You Think You Can Dance but on a country dance show many years ago.  Like American Bandstand for the "boy-howdy" set.
We decided it would be fun to learn how to do the two-step and a few other partner dances so we gathered up a bunch of friends and went over to Gun Lake and jumped right in for dance lessons.  I think we started with about 12 couples and they dropped like flies.  One woman went home with bloody toes - her husband wasn't exactly light on his feet, if you get my drift.
We hung in there, though, and although we didn't set the dance floor on fire we progressed and had a blast.  We also met some terrific people.
We used to make fun of my mother-in-law because she'd watch a country dance show everyday; I think it was called The Wildhorse or something like that.  Anyway, she got real involved in all the regulars' lives.  Even nicknamed them.
And then WE WERE ON THE SHOW OURSELVES.  We'd gotten sucked into her enthusiasm after we became expert dancers and traveled down to Knoxville.  It was a blast and, honestly, we were a bit star struck seeing all those people we'd been watching.  We each had crushes on specific people and got to meet them - for real.  I know, I know.  How hokey can you get?  Pretty darned hokey.
They taped 3 sessions and gave you the air dates so you could watch later from home.  We went to my best friend, Sue's, to see the show.  Sue's daughter, Katie, pulled up a stool and sat real close to the TV and every time we danced around near the camera she waved at us.
We also made a second trip but this time it was to Nashville to dance on another show - can't remember the name but the same idea.  That time I was like a pit bull for camera time because I wanted to wave and yell, "Hi, Katie."  Mission accomplished and watching the playback with her later and seeing her face when I yelled to her was priceless.
We haven't danced in a long time.  We had a good long run but it has passed.  We're left with great memories and the video tape to prove our dancing experience.  In case you'd like to see it (you know you would), come on over.  We look very young and slightly star-struck.


  1. You guys are a HOOT! Are any of these videos available on YouTube??

  2. I don't think the world is ready for us on youtube, Ms.Bliss.