Sunday, March 11, 2012

Do You Chew?

Gum, that is - not tobacco.  This isn't going to be a judgmental post, (I don't chew gum) just another observation.  It will sound judgmental because I don't really like to see people chewing gum.  I really don't like to see the gum they are chewing either.  Or HEAR it.
I remember as a kid asking mom for gum.  She always had it in her purse but I don't recall ever seeing her chew it - back then anyway.  Remind me to tell you of her "chewing period" later.  Don't forget.
Mom would never give us a whole stick of gum.  We'd always get a half and it was always Doublemint.  There was an older lady (probably in her early 50's, ha!) that lived around the corner from us that would give me a whole stick.  I liked her a lot.
As I grew older my selection widened to Juicy Fruit, Spearmint and BlackJack.  Remember that one?  Didn't really like the taste so much but really liked molding it to my front teeth.  What a hoot, eh?
Fast forward many years.  Sign Language interpreters don't chew gum.  So, I stopped.  I don't think I was an avid chewer anyway so it wasn't a big deal.
I also always had my mom's words in the back of my head "she looks like a cow chewing her cud."  Nice.
Honestly, it's like looking at someone who is perpetually eating; jaws in constant motion.
I saw a bridesmaid chewing while doing the wedding march down the aisle.  Yuck.
How about the snapping?  I remember trying to learn how to snap my gum as a kid.  That was so cool. Now when I hear someone doing that I just want to . . . well, that would sound really judgmental if I went further, wouldn't it? And violent.
Back to mom:  you didn't remind me - I reminded myself. Neener, neener, neener.  In case you forgot, mom was all about the "cow" thing so it really threw me for a loop when she stopped smoking (yea, mom!) and was all over gum.  Her jaws were doing double time and the noise.  Yikes!  Thankfully that didn't last long.
So if you're chewing gum the next time we meet don't swallow it in embarrassment.  Wouldn't want you to choke.  I'll just look the other way until we finish our conversation.
BTW - I know you're reading this - why don't you leave a comment?  I notice hardly anyone leaves me a "howdy." Come on. Type a little something.  I love the whole interaction thing.  Give it a shot. 
I'm waiting. tap, tap, tap


  1. I try to comment on your blogs a lot and they never show up! I need to talk to your computer guy to find out what I am doing wrong.

  2. Half a stick of double mint equals a whole stick of mint.

  3. Marilyn - are you making sure to type those stupid "word verifications?" I hate them but most blogs have them. It doesn't make sense that sometimes it will take a comment and other times it won't. Wish I could be more help.
    Philip - always good for a laugh.

  4. "a little something."

    Happy? ; )

  5. Heather - you're a smarty pants.

  6. This is to prove to you I AM reading your blog and enjoying. I was just talking about gun chewing the other day with Linda and how humiliated I was in Latin class when Mrs. Kenworthy caught me chewing and brought the waste basket over to my desk and made me spit it out.

  7. Sue - you're lucky she didn't make you put it on top of your nose. I can't remember which teacher used to do that, I think it was in junior high.
    And - thanks for the proof that you're checking in here. I really do like the whole comment thing.

  8. I always have gum at work "to refresh my breath". I'll take your advice into consideration. Wouldn't want to look like a bovine. Ann

  9. Ellen, getting caught up on your blog. Here's how this one goes...people who chew gum will read this as judgmental (currently a 1/2 a pack a day here) and those who don't, won't. If I wasn't chewing gum I would probably be eating something, constantly. There's also the breath thing, but mostly the eating. :)