Wednesday, March 21, 2012


We planned to leave this morning for a trip to "The Big Easy."  Do they still refer to New Orleans as The Big Easy?  Just the tourists?  Ok.
I will admit that NO is not on my bucket list but since we're down here in the Panhandle for the month and NO is only 4+ hours away, we thought we'd scoot over there for the night.  Arrive noon-ish, sight see, eat, stay at the LaQuinta in the French Quarter (they take pets) and come home the next afternoon.
But - and this is a big BUT - there's a big ass storm brewing.  I do not want my one and only trip to LA spent dodging lightning bolts and eating soggy beignets.  I'm pretty sure I spelled that correctly.  I don't think it's in my spell check.  I could have called it a "donut" like my friend, Sue Ross, does cuz she's not sure how to spell it either.
So, we canceled our reservation and will watch the weather over the next few days.  If we can't get there Sunday or Monday we probably won't go.  I'm not all that keen on going later in the week and then coming back here and packing up and heading north.  Don't ask me why, I just don't wanna.
If we never get there, my biggest sorrow will be that I know how disappointed Harry Konnick will be.  He's been pestering me for quite a spell to come hang with him.  You believe me, right?  Did I spell his name correctly?  Does that question make you doubt my "Harry" statement?
Anyway, stay tuned.  I know y'all are watching my every move.  Fascinating, eh?

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  1. Ha, I believe you spelled it right. I pride myself on being an excellent speller so hated that I couldn't figure it out. But they do call those tasty treats "french donuts". Well worth the wait.If you ever get there you also must have a "muffuletta", at Central Grocery. Excellent. As you can tell I went off my diet for the day in NOLA. (Spell check is telling me that muffuletta is spelled wrong but I looked it up!!) Sue