Sunday, March 4, 2012

Do You Pack for a Trip Early or Last Minute?

I've done it both ways, although never extremely early like I hear some people talk about, and I seem forget something no matter what.

So far I know I left behind two brushes:  Augie's and Peter's.  I have to shift the blame of Petey's brush on him, though, he packs for himself.

If I get to the task too early I have, at first, a very wonderful feeling of accomplishment.  Oh, so organized.  I am so proud.  And then - I forget what I've packed.

Did I pack my comfy black sandals?  How about those 3 sleeveless shirts - where the heck are they?  Aspirins and toothpaste?  It goes on and on.

Adding to the stress is when you go on a long car trip and make many motel/hotel stops.  When the room is small, how can you possibly leave stuff behind?  Ask me how I know.

  Ahhhhhhhhhh.  The best part of coming to Florida during March (other than escaping butt-deep snow) is that you get an early spring.  And then another one when you get back home in April.

That's all for now, folks.  Stay tuned; I plan on posting more pics.  White sands and Five Guys Burgers!


  1. Thanks for the beautiful photos! I am a last minute packer, but a very early list maker. If I pack to early I end up pulling stuff out of the suitcase!

  2. Your place looks nice...and I will bet you will get some hot weather before long.

    What hotels do you guys find that are pet friendly?

    Pete plays tennis? Master Bliss loves to play and is often in want of someone to play with...pass it on. ~~Bliss

  3. I have a master list for travel that has been perfected over the years. I adjust it slightly per destination, but it saves my sanity!

  4. Heather - we try to use LaQuinta exclusively because they take pets right across the board. Different than some Days Inn take them and some don't. Same with Comfort Inns. You have to do your homework with them and other chains/independent ones. With LQ, no guess work.
    Stace - your travel list is the mark of the smarter, older sister.
    Oh, Heather - forgot about tennis. Peter (Master Sicilian, hehe) was happy to hear of Bret's tennis interest. He'll be in touch when we return. I almost said "upon" our return. You're rubbing off on me. Is that good or bad? ha!

  5. I had a good laugh, I am days before heading off to Chicago and am thinking should I pack now or on the day I leave.... I hate to have all the clothes crumpled in the case, and like you so aptly put it, I will forget what I have packed :)))