Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Face lift? Nose job? Botox?

I was recently asked how I felt about a face lift.  Would I ever consider getting one?  How about a tummy tuck?  Nose job, etc.?

I've thought about those things over the years.  I've known people who have undergone all of those procedures.  I remember one friend who had her nose done and people commented afterward saying they didn't see anything wrong with the old one.  Well, it wasn't in the middle of your face, was it?

Self image is a crucial part of life.  Everyone wants to feel good about themselves - inside and out.  Sure, there are plenty o' people who are fine with the large nose, etc.  Barbra Streisand is a perfect example.  

I think, at this point in my life, the only cosmetic surgery I would consider is blepharoplasty.  Hope I spelled that correctly; my spell check was clueless.  It's an eyelid tuck.  If I got to a time when I had to tilt my head back to see, I'd go under the knife.

Reconstructive surgery is a whole different ball game. Friends and relatives have struggled with the decision after mastectomy.  Some do and some don't.  It's a very personal and private decision. 

There are a lot of examples of bad or way too much plastic surgery.  Joan Rivers could easily be the poster child for that cause.  Kenny Rogers running a close second.

So, how do I feel about cosmetic surgery?  Give it a lot of thought.  Do your research.  Interview surgeons.  Talk to people who have gone through the procedure you are considering. 

And then do whatever the hell you please!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Saturday night in Allegan

If you're paying attention, there are banners hanging from light posts downtown with a message on them.

                "Enjoy downtown Allegan."  So . . . we did.

Huntington Bank has been nice enough to sponsor Saturday  night music on the river at our beautiful Mahan Park during July and August.

It was chilly last night but we decided to don socks and shoes (let us all remember that it was July 27th!!!), sweatshirts and long pants and check out the Jim Stout Band.  Good move on our part.

That's Jim.  The band is from Coldwater.  They sing everything from Civil War songs to the Eagles.

With a little bit of research I could come up with the bass player's name but y'all remember that I'm the lazy blogger.  So, let's just leave it at - this guy was really good on the bass and sang well too.

I'm going to play the "lazy" card again for this lady's name.  She, also, sang beautifully and was a perfect fit with the guys in voice and guitar.

Warning!  Arty shot.

You can't really tell from here but everyone was bundled up.  The crowd had staying power, though.  We only lost a few to the temps.

What a scene.  Are we lucky or what?

Even little Nora was suited up with a hoodie and tights.

So after the music came to an end Petey and I stopped off at my sister, Lisa's, house to check up on our visiting niece, Laura and her daughter, Kaelyn.  They'd spent the afternoon in South Haven and we wanted to make sure they survived the chill.

They came ill-prepared from eastern PA for the practical joke Mother Nature was playing on the "mitten."  Sweats were purchased in South Haven.
 So our Saturday came to an end right around the usual time - 9:30.
Do we live a wild and crazy life or what?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Playing around

I'm just experimenting with a bit of a new look on my blog.  I've been slightly frustrated with loading pics and captioning them.

So let's see how this goes with some bead pictures.

This is a bracelet I made for a friend to give to a mutual friend who had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

A necklace of disks.  I love making disks.

A recent creation that will be seen (and purchased?) at my fall open house.


An earthy brown look.

Looking toward the fall with my color schemes lately.
I added some glass I'd forgotten I had to the surfaces of these beads.  A funky, shiny look.  They went on to become a necklace that you'll be able to purchase.  When?  haha  My open house in November.

A specific customer request for a bracelet.  A bit brighter, eh?

Ok, so there was no swearing during this blog.  Whatever button I pushed, it has made me a happier blogger.

Thank you for playing along.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The local watering hole

We're down to 3 bars here in town now.  Years ago it seems like there were 18.  Not really but there were certainly more.  Why are there only 3 now?  It could have something to do with the stricter laws, I don't know.  We never frequented the bars before.  Not because we're non-drinkers, because we couldn't tolerate the smoke.  Now that Michigan has seen the light - we're all over Bubba's.  It has that hometown feel.


I don't know who these people are but they look friendly, don't they?  That's the atmosphere you get here at Bubba's.  Come on down.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Part III of the trip

A short trip spread out into 3 blog installments.  Yea, me!

This is Pentwater.  I didn't think we'd ever been there before but Petey reminded me we stopped for lunch some years ago.

If you could jump like Superman over the beautiful cottages on the right, you'd land on our motel.  Great location.

The beach was a short walk away.

My blogger buddy, Julie, told me to eat here - so we did.
Too hot to eat outdoors but it looked pretty . . . from inside.

Hey, who's the dude in the blue shirt?

Once again, I was so eager to eat that I forgot to take the before pic.

Petey's monster burger on a pretzel bun.  He made yum-yum noises all the way through.

Some people have an after dinner drink.  Not me.
I love a small-small town.  Here's the police department/realty office.

Chief Hoyer, you need a sign like this!

After dinner we were treated to this.

Mom and her 10 babies.  She looked tired.

What a lovely couple.  Wonder who they are?


I know - I forgot again.

Our last look down the channel.

Keeping the rivalry alive.

Bye bye, Pentwater.  Hope to see you again.