Friday, March 16, 2012

Alien Abduction

Last night at Jazzercise - yes there's a Jazz site just 2.5 miles away - I was reminded of my alien abduction experience.  I was standing behind a woman who had  moles (or whoknowswhat) on her legs.  There was one on the back of each of her calves - in exactly the same place.  Weird, eh?  Well, let me tell you a little story about me.  Cuz, it's my blog and it's always all about me, right?
Several years ago I went to see a local surgeon to have some things (2) removed from my back.  I say things because they were kind of weird looking and were located exactly opposite from one another, just below my bra line. 
I didn't want to get all cancer-obsessed so I convinced myself that a ship from another planet had landed in my yard and a spooky skinny dude with huge eyes had put me into a coma-like state and then pulled out what looked like those big ass ice tongs that they use to move blocks of ice.  He/she/it then used those tongs to pick me up (hence those things on my back) and put me into the ship.  Who knows what happened after that but I seem to be drawn to spooky, skinny dudes with big eyes ever since - and there aren't a lot of them around.
So, to put my mind at ease I went to see a doctor.  She excised the things and sent them off to be analyzed.  I waited for what felt like forever (2 days) for the results.  She called - OLD SKIN was the diagnosis.
Really?  Does that mean I have to stop telling the story of my alien abduction?  Oh, hell, no.  That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


  1. Alien abductions must run rampant on our side of the street.

  2. ...hmmm, I don't recall our real estate lady coming forward with that bit of information.

    Ellen, I think there is a way you can unable (? disengage?) the security word verification on your comments. I follow another woman on blogger and she mentioned it one day...and she doesn't have it any longer.

  3. I'll google the security word thing right now, Heather. Thanks.

  4. Yay!!! No word verification. I will bet you will have comments coming out of the monitors now.

    Blogger can be very frustrating to comment on. Even though I didn't have to do the "word verification", I still got "open id credentials could not be verified" after I hit "publish". Usually when I get that notice, I just hit "publish" again and the comment will go through. I am leaving this information for your other readers in case they have experienced some of the same stuff.

    Not having that security word thing on is fantastic!!

  5. I haven't seen you visit my blog the last few days, I thought you were abducted.... LOL

    Old skin, and you believe that???


  6. I was there, Astrid. Just in a hurry and apparently had nothing brilliant to say.
    I'm there - I'm always there.