Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Scam

So, let me set the scene.  We're in a gated condo complex.  You need a code to get in.  It's 7a and I'm outside with Augie in my bathrobe with Petey's black jacket over it.  Nice, eh?  Oh, yeah, and a terrific case of bed head.
A young woman walks up to me (from I don't know where) saying she had a "really bizarre question for me."  I told her that I usually have bizarre answers so . . . Something about "me and my boyfriend (red flag: sucky grammar) are staying in a motel waiting for our tax refund - huh? - and we only need $10 more to pay for another night."
Wait for it - wait for it.  "I have a debit card (she holds it up in the air for me to see) with $10 on it and if you could give me ten in cash then I would give you this debit card."  huh?  Really?  Do I look that stupid?  Is it the bed head or the fact that I'm out here in my bathrobe and my husband's large jacket?
I didn't say any of those things nor did I laugh in her face.  Wow, like that's the best you could come up with?
No, I told her if she went to the office (did she know where that was?  "Yes" she replied) when it opened I was sure they would help her out.
All of a sudden her boyfriend drove up (no clue where he was hiding) and picked her up and they left quickly through the gate.
How did they get in in the first place?  They simply followed someone else in.  I know this because someone followed me in the other day.
And, yes, I reported both of these incidences to the office.
Streetwise - that's me.


  1. My dear, honest faced, husband has had this type of thing happen to him a couple of times when we lived in Kalamazoo. Usually a woman needing a ride so she can go get money for her stalled car somewhere. One time he had the same lunatic approach him that he had "helped" before but in an entirely different area of town. There is some true weirdness out there. Did you get their plate number?

  2. I never even thought to get the plate number. The car came from behind me - suddenly - she hopped in and they were gone.
    I don't think my brain was fully loaded yet. Darn it.