Monday, October 26, 2015

Be careful what you volunteer for

So I'm sure you all remember that I'm a Sign Language interpreter.
99% of my freelance work is medical - doctors' offices, dental offices, hospitals, etc.

I do, however, do a teeny bit of legal interpreting so when an all day legal workshop came along in Grand Rapids recently, I jumped on it.

It was a fantastic workshop full of great information whether I do legal 'terping or not.

A portion of the day included a tour of the holding area in the lower level of the Grand Rapids courthouse.  We saw how they transfer people from the jail to the courthouse and where they "hold" them before being brought up to the courtrooms.

So there we were - huddled together listening to the very nice police officer describe how the whole process goes.  He asked for a volunteer and before I knew it (and what it involved) my hand shot up and I said (in a loud voice) "I'll do it."

Ouch!  My knees!
I was sucking it in - didn't want him to think I was too chubby for the belly chain.

He looks satisfied and I look puzzled.

So be careful what you volunteer for - you might end up in chains.
"Your honor - I plead the 5th!"

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday morning walk with Augie

I honestly feel like Mother Nature has given us a big fat kiss on the mouth with this fall.

Augie prefers taking his walks along the river front so we did both boardwalks this morning.  Always thinking, in the back of my mind, (which is quite crowded these days) that it might be the last beauty before the "you know what hits the fan."

The blue sky was amazing.

Our historic iron bridge in the background.

I was hoping I could capture the diamond-like beads of water on this grass but it didn't turn out like I wanted.  Still pretty though.

The Old Regent Theater doing a photo bomb.

The yellows were amazing this year.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Winery names

So recently Petey and I were driving around northern Michigan, the Traverse City area, and I noticed something about the wineries.

Well, first of all - holy cow there are a lot of them.  On every corner.  Ok, there aren't really corners in the wine country but you know what I mean.

What I really focused on were the fancy-pants names.  Like Chateau Chantal and Chateau Elan.  How about Bowers Harbor and Hawthorne.  Also Brys Estate  and Black Star.

Very dramatic and foreign.

Then my thoughts turned to alternate American/midwest names like:

                                  Vinny's Vines
                                  Grapes Are Us
                                  Mad Martin's Merlot

I'm sure I'll come up with more and you'll be waiting, right?