Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nook vs the library

I bought a Nook last fall.  Not the fancy one - just the reader.  I love it!  I love my library too, though, and I'm feeling a bit like a traitor.
On the one hand I don't feel the pressure of the due date when I have a book from the library.  It's not like I can't renew it online - so easy - and it's not like the fine is astronomical if I'm late.  It's me being anal for some odd reason about the whole "overdue" thing.  Yikes, just typing the word overdue gives me a shiver.
The convenience of the Nook is wonderful for me when I go out on freelance jobs.  Sitting and waiting for a client is a breeze now.  No more reading out dated magazines in some doctor's office.  No sir.  Just pull out my Nook and I'm cruising down some street filled with murder victims. 
I'm also reading a bunch of authors I've never heard of before because I'm too cheap to buy the expensive books from Barnes and Noble.  I have a rule:  nothing over $4.00. Or the free ones which I really love.  If it's a "stinker", who cares.  Off to the archives! 
That's all well and good but that means I'm missing out on the new stuff that my favorite authors are churning out.
Yes, I know.  I can download from my library - free - but I need another one-on-one tutorial from my geek buddy to help me figure out how to do that.  I seem to be missing one crucial step which is annoying the hell out of me.
Wait a second - there's a B&N right down the road from us here in Destin.  Maybe someone down there would help me.  Ya, think?

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  1. I love my Nook too. I still do the library but like you I hate the "pressure" of seeing the books lying around that I am not getting around to reading before the due date. Weirdness.

    I also have found the online borrowing to be a bit challenging to do. And I got frustrated by the lack of choices or books available to borrow. I LOVE the idea of it...maybe it will improve with time.