Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Livin' In Central Time

Sounds like a country tune, doesn't it?  You wouldn't think that one little hour would make such a difference but, yowza, I'm having trouble adjusting.  Wonder what that says about me?
First of all - it's really, really bright early in the morning.
Next is the whole television thing.  If you've been reading along you know I'm a fan of the television so prime time stuff starts @ 7p here.  Holy cow, I've missed a lot of my favorite programs.  But - but - but when you look at the online TV guide to see what's on the evening's agenda the times are in eastern time.  I'm almost embarrassed to say how long that took me to figure out.
I remember years ago when my sister, Lisa, was living in St.Louis and we were visiting for a few days.  We went to the movie about the building of the arch.  I fell asleep which wasn't easy to do because we were sitting in folding chairs.  Then we went to the planetarium.  Well, what did you expect?  It's dark in there and the chairs are so, so comfy.  At the end of the day Peter told me I'd taken $12 worth of naps! Last night was the first night since we arrived that I managed to stay awake until 11p.  Ok, I nodded off for a bit around 9p.
I'll probably get used to this central thing right about the time we all switch to Daylight Savings Time!  OMG, I'll probably be a wreck.
Then - at the end of the month, I'll go home TO EASTERN TIME! 
Look for me in a rubber room.  Staring at the clock.


  1. I am so confused. Why are you in Central Time in FL? Do they not do DST?

  2. The western half of the panhandle is in the central time zone. We'll switch to DST with the rest of you this weekend but we'll still be in central - so one hour behind you.