Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Katrina Trees

Before we left for NOLA I was Skyping with mom (Hi, mom) and she told me she'd recently read an article about the Katrina trees.
After the devastation there were many tree stumps left behind - live oaks and cypress.  A man from the Destin/Fort Walton Beach area offered to carve the stumps into works of art honoring the gulf.
As we approached the Mississippi state line on our way back from NO I remembered the info my wise mother imparted to me.  We stopped at the visitors bureau and asked about the trees and then headed down Scenic 90.
There were no signs and only general directions given at the bureau so it was like a scavenger hunt.  Petey spotted the first one - I would have totally missed it.
 This one was just off the road - north - so we were thinking the rest would be placed in the same way.  Not the case.  The remaining pieces were in the median along 90 ending at Biloxi. 
The Mississippi (do you still say the letters out loud when you spell this state?) gulf coast is beautiful.  The beaches are wonderful.
We couldn't get pictures of all the trees; there wasn't always a place to safely pull over and stopping in the middle of the road wasn't very smart.  Ask me how I know.
We would  never have been treated to the wonderful sights along this part of the gulf coast if it hadn't been for my "eagle-eyed" mother.  So this pic's for you, mom.


  1. Have never heard of Katrina trees! What a wonderful and creative idea. We now have this on our list of special things to be sure and see! (Julie)

  2. Did you see other remnants of the devastation while you were in the area?

  3. Marilyn - never having been there before it was hard to say. We saw a lot of construction, however, and we assumed that there had been a lot more hotels/casinos along the beaches. If so, they haven't been replaced yet which, actually, makes it nice. You can see the water. In so many places along the gulf you can't see a damn thing for all the huge condos/hotels/casinos. That might have been the one, tiny "upside" to Katrina.