Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Turtle Tease

As I'm sure you remember (because I know you're following along daily), this condo complex we're living in for the month surrounds a small lake.  And I know the picture of the bridge that spans this little lake is etched in your memory.
Well, the other day when Augie and I were walking across said bridge, I noticed something swimming in the water.  I stood a while to see what is was and it was a good sized turtle.  An then - another - and another and so on and so on.  One (obviously a mother) was giving her baby a ride on her back.  What a good mama.
I thought they were just glad to see me so I started chatting with them.  Told them I was visiting the area for the month living in building 17 - "right over there" - gesturing.  I'm pretty sure I saw their little beady eyes follow my extended arm.
Pretty soon I had quite an audience.  I guess they were interested in what I had to stay.  Who wouldn't be, right?
Then - I noticed a little coin operated "turtle/fish food" dispenser nearby.  Oh, they were looking for food.  I tried not to take it personally.
I see them everyday now and never remember to bring the 2 quarters that I need to toss them their reward for swimming like champs toward the bridge.
Honestly, I don't mean to be a tease.  I feel a tiny bit guilty looking at them staring up at me from below the bridge.  They're treading water - waiting - waiting with hungry looks on their faces.  As I left this morning I thought I heard one of them call me a name.  It started with a "b." hmmmm  I'll need to make a note and stick it near the door that says "remember the .50 for the turtles, b."
Here are the little darlings - they're pretty cute even though one of them has a nasty mouth.
Nice markings, eh?  I think this is the one that was talkin' smack.
I was hoping for a bigger crowd.  Maybe the word has spread that I'm a tease.  Check out the young 'un in the lower left.  Hope he/she didn't hear the sass that other one was spouting.  I'm still smarting from that remark.


  1. Too cute...hope the gators don't get them! ~~Bliss