Sunday, January 25, 2015

Another "song" birthday

When I turned "Sweet Sixteen" way back in the day (although some people may take issue with the "sweet" part) I don't think "You're 16, you're beautiful and you're mine" was out yet.  Was that Ringo?
Anyway, that was the first of the "song" birthdays.

Then there was a long dry period.  The next one up was "Will ya still feed me, will ya still need me, when I'm 64?"  Were the Beatles involved with that one too?  If so, are you sensing a theme here?

Nope.  Because today is the "Route 66" birthday. I know there wasn't a Beatle to be found on that sound track. I suppose I could invest a bit of time and look up who actually recorded these songs - but remember, I'm the "lazy blogger."

I'm not getting my kicks on that specific highway but I may be traveling on M-40 South soon.  Does that count?

Social Security was 4 years ago and Medicare was last year.  It looks as though the only cool thing about this one (other than the fact that I'm still here) is the song.

Let's hope the same goes for the next one - "77 Sunset Strip." 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Music Men & 1 Woman

Our library (love the place) hosted a brass quintet from the Kalamazoo area the other night.  Petey and I went knowing it would be entertaining but didn't expect it to be WOW entertaining.

They came color coordinated, too.  Gotta love a guy in a purple tie and of course - the lady sportin' a purple vest won me over before I even heard a note.

No matter how many times I have asked for the explanation between a coronet and a trumpet, it escapes me.  This was one of them.

Two was even better.

Obviously I'm not a note-taking blogger or I would have written some stuff down so I'd remember if this one was actually a tuba or not.  I have a picture in my memory bank (not as full as it used to be) that the tuba is the one that rests on your shoulders; the one you "wear."  Corrections are accepted.

I played the tenor sax in school and the trombones were nearby (Hi, Gus.  Hi, Tom) and I don't remember ever hearing sweet, sweet sounds coming from that section - not like this one.  Oh, baby.

For a while I thought she was hiding snacks inside that French horn.  I kept a look-out and never saw her retrieve an M&M.

This is our librarian, Lindsy Dorfman.  She's the driving force behind some great programs at our wonderful library.

Mom, this Dixieland video is for you.

If you live in the area, check out the happenings at the library.  It's a beautiful building with some cool stuff going on inside.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Big Chill

No, not the movie - although it was great, wasn't it? - I'm referring to what's going on right now here in Michigan and elsewhere.  We're kind of psychologically prepared for it but it doesn't stop many of us (me) from complaining out loud and frequently.

I hate it, folks.  To the marrow of my bone.  Despise it.

Yesterday I couldn't get warm to save my life.  I had on the thickest pair of socks I could find and my new warm slippers.  I huddled on the couch like a wiener with two afghans on top of me and my nose was still cold.  

We are not, by the way, people that keep their thermostats very, very low like some family members I know but won't mention. (Stacey)

I even drove up to a nearby store, Family Farm and Home, hoping they would have Carhart socks; my friend, Gerah, said they were supposed to be great.  No such luck.

There's a whole new routine when Old Man Winter comes to town.  I put my Jazzercise sneakers on top of the heating vent before I take off to sweat with my gal pals so my toes don't turn into little ice cubes.

Augie's winter coat goes on another vent so it'll be warm when I strap him into it.

Petey's walking gear (hat, mittens, etc) go on another (good thing we have several, eh) to warm up and dry out.

Oh, btw, we're all set for grub when this next storm rolls in this afternoon.  I just got back from the store with the essential survival foods - frozen pizza and chocolate cake.  I didn't intend to buy the cake, it wasn't on my list.  I don't know how it ended up in my cart but I was in too much of a hurry to get home (and into my warm slippers and two afghans) to return it.  Oh well.

That's life in the frozen mitten.  

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Do dogs have "Spidey" sense?

I swear when Augie and I near my friend, Nan's, house her dog, Sammy, does the small dog bark for all he's worth - at the front door.

Now, mind you, most of the time the door is open leaving Sammy a clear view of whatever is happening outside through the full glass storm door.

My point is, though, that we haven't even entered his field of vision yet when he sounds the alert.

How the hell does he know we're coming?

For a while when we first rescued Augie and actually got him a license tag and an ID thingy I thought the sound of those two items clanking together sent out the message.

It wasn't long before the clanking drove me crazy so off they came and the neighborhood dogs still barked.

Nell across the street barks at us.  The Dobes at the corner sound like they're coming through the door.

Augie has great hearing although he has an issue with where the sound is coming from - a slight handicap but we love him anyway.  He only barks at the people/dogs he can see through the picture window in the living room while kickin' back in the recliner.

So what do you think?  Spidey sense or what???

Thursday, January 1, 2015


No, this isn't about the thing on the front of your car that covers the engine.

And it's not regarding those cool guys that wore leather jackets, engineer boots and DAs back in the 50s and 60s.  Although I knew a few and they were cool. (if you don't know what a DA is - ask an old person)

Nope.  Today I'm talkin' about the hoods that are attached to jackets, coats and sweatshirts.

I have always found them annoying unless they could be removed.  I'm the one that asks for the hoodless sweatshirt.  What would I use a hood for anyway?

Well, I've changed my tune - dramatically.  I bought a nice winter jacket from LLBean and it has a hood.  It can't be removed.  It's lined and it blocks the hell out of the wind.

I'm in love.  And warm.  Yea, me!