Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dinner club: Fall Formal

It was our turn to host dinner club recently.  Sometimes we have a theme and other times - not so much.

I had the brilliant idea of naming this one "The Fall Formal."  No other instructions.  I wanted to see what these nut-jobs would come up with.

Let's set the scene first.

 There are 12 of us and our table will not accommodate all so we always have to set up the "children's table."  I put names (randomly selected) under each plate so no one would feel banished.

Yes, everyone had a little something to take home afterward.

Now for some nut-job pics.

Since these 2 are Clemson fans and orange is a school color - they ran with it.  Orange = Fall Formal?  I guess so.

I honestly don't know what the hell is going on here.  It took me a while to recover but then I noticed the ill-fitting tux jacket.

I never got a believable explanation as to why Rosie decided to not participate in the theme.

Grabbing orange clothing and some fake flowers and these two were a "fall" vision if I ever saw one.

Again, no explanation.  Did she not get the email?

Children's table.  Honestly, the placement was random.

The "grown-ups" table.  I use that description loosely.  Very, very loosely.

These photos were taken later in the evening.  Much later.
You didn't see everyone, did you.  Yes, there was a camera malfunction on my part and the other photos that were supposed to be sent to me by someone (Tom Richmond) haven't arrived as yet so I'm forging ahead without them.

Maybe I'll be able to add them at a later date if someone (Tom Richmond) finally figures out how to get pics from his phone attached to an email.

Wait for it . . . wait for it. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ever change locations?

Recently I had a slight mishap with my facial moisturizer and had to move it from a drawer to under the bathroom sink. Don't ask.

Interesting news, eh?  I'll bet you're sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what happens next.

I can't tell you how many times I have reached into that drawer realizing (might have done a little swearing as well) that the moisturizer was no longer there.

It reminds me of the time mom relocated the kitchen utensils and it nearly drove my dad insane.  Mind you, it was in a more convenient location and we all wondered why the hell the change hadn't taken place years before but . . . oh well.

Anything like this ever happen to you???

I'm pretty sure I had another example for you but . . . it was there and now it's gone.

My mind is preoccupied (that's excuse I'm using today anyway); we're preparing the Altamore household to host dinner club tonight.  It's a big ordeal for me.  It involves cleaning and cooking.  The least favorites of my domestic goddessness. Yes, that's a word.

Look for a blog in the near future.  The theme for tonight is "fall formal."


Monday, October 6, 2014

Another personal question for you

Do you drink coffee or tea daily?  Do you use the same mug or cup even though you have 18 others to pick from?

I had a favorite mug for a long, long time.  It broke.  I can't remember what happened but I had to select another and one of Petey's lighthouse mugs looked perfect.

I was correct!  It holds the right amount of java for my morning blast of caffeine and the handle fits my mitt like a glove.  It's all about the handle for me.  I need all four fingers to settle in; no squeezing.

Here's my personal question: does the inside of your mug look like this?

It does?  Whew!  I know it's possible to scrub that stain out of there with some elbow grease and chemicals but I simply don't see the point.

I love this mug so much that the chip on the opposite rim doesn't bother me - unless I switch hands.  


Saturday, October 4, 2014

A very important question for you

Yes, most of my blog posts are silly and whimsical but I'm dipping into the serious bin for this one.
I want to know about your fingernails.
Mine are ugly. 

See what I mean?  Short, flat and flimsy.
Sometimes I wonder if I was drawn into becoming a Sign Language interpreter (can't have long, colorful nails - too much distraction for the clients) because of my nails. "Nail destiny?"

I've tried several products over the years but nothing really worked.
I blamed my dad for a while but I've also noticed that mom doesn't have the greatest nails either.  Double whammy.  Poor me.

I'm not begging for sympathy; I actually have a question for you:  do all your nails grow at the same rate?

This has been bothering me for a long time.  Seems like I'll notice a specific nail that has taken on a life of its own so I grab the file and whittle it down.  Now they all look to be the same.

The next damn day I see another two that apparently grew while I slept.  Really?  Can that happen?

My question has been asked and I anxiously await your replies.

But . . . before I sign off I have to tell you a nail story.

For many years I dressed like a witch and sat on the front porch for Halloween scaring the crap out of as many children as possible.  Had a blast.

Well, one year I thought it would be a great idea to buy some of those "press on" nails and paint them black.  I bought the witch length.  It was so fun . . . until I needed a bathroom break.

You don't need details but let me just say - it was a delicate operation.

And then it was time to remove them after all the little darlings had gone home appropriately scared and full of candy.

The suckers were stuck!!!  I tried everything including calling my best friend, Sue Lange, who just laughed at me and hung up.

I honestly don't remember how I finally got them off but I don't remember sleeping with them on so something must have worked.

Don't forget to answer my nail question.  I'm waiting.  I'm waiting.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

A trip to Muncie

Everyone pretty much knows I'm an insanely enthusiastic fan of the best Blues singer around, EG Kight.
Petey and I drove down to Muncie, IN for a concert at Ball State.  This one, our fourth, was with EG's pal, Lisa Biales; a wonderful voice from Ohio.
The acoustics at Pruis Hall were amazing and the intimate setting was almost "living room-ish."
The icing on the cake was the weather.  It was less than desirable on the way down and we were mighty glad we packed the big umbrella.  But - as we neared Muncie, the clouds disappeared and the temps started to rise.
We didn't need the umbrella but we could have used our sandals and shorts.
Ball State's campus is beautiful and with the sun shining and the smell of fall wafting about - it could not have been better.
We stayed at the university hotel on the 3rd floor of the student center.  Very, very nice.  Clean and quiet with a great view of the campus.  I would highly recommend it.

The shower curtain in our bathroom.  Cool, eh?

View from our room.

Apparently this is the spot to propose to your "intended."

The bells ring every 15 minutes.  A melodic sound.

We went into several buildings and the details -  oh, my.

My mom's birth year.  Everyone seems to be very proud of their campus and they should be!

Ball State really pulls in some wonderful entertainment.  I'll be bookmarking their site for the future.  Johnny Mathis played there last night.

Rubbing this little one's nose was supposed to bring good "academic" luck.  So many students rubbed it that they wore it down to nuthin'!  She was then moved further into the fountain and out of reach with her new nose. 
  And then the reason we came to Muncie.

Two guitars.  Two voices moving together filled the room.  Fun lyrics, emotion packed ballads.  
I was smiling (and tearing up) from 3rd row center.