Sunday, March 25, 2012

Loud Music

Just another thing I don't "get" that annoys the hell out of me.  Yesterday, mid morning, I was reading inside our condo in the sun room.  I could hear rap (I guess that's what it was - maybe hip hop - who knows) music coming from outside.  I looked out the window and couldn't see anyone out there; I thought maybe they were washing their car and had the speakers turned up to "I want to make your ears bleed" level. 
So, if I couldn't see them, where the hell were they?  Around the bend?  Two buildings over?
Hey, nobody loves music more than me but does it have to be so loud that I can hear it through my walls?
I envisioned myself going outside to do a bit of gardening or whatever with my boom box (do people still use those?) and crank up opera, or chamber or, god forbid, bluegrass music.  Wonder if those people would enjoy that?
Why does the music have to be loud?


  1. This is why we live on a large piece of ground and the neighbours are out of earshot, well almost :) We always struggle to go on holiday where we have inevitably LOUD neighbours, and we can't actually get a goodnights sleep, for which one pays a lot of money, right?

    Astrid :)

    1. We just survived the rolling spring break in SPI with a new beach bar RIGHT next door. Being so close made for great entertainment but about 11 p.m. they would crank up the rap music even louder than during the day. I had to take the pictures off the condo walls in the bedroom so I could even think of sleeping.
      Sue Ross