Friday, April 25, 2014


I may, or may not, have written about the rock garden at the back of our yard before.  I think I have but never with close-up pics.
And I may, or may not, have said, the rock garden was there when we bought the house almost 36 years ago but it was completely grown over.  Had it not been for our nice neighbors, it would probably still be in that horrid state.
We started hacking and raking away (ok, Petey did most of that), after the Kaisers mentioned the garden and we uncovered these beauties.

I wanted to get "naked" pictures before everything started growing so you could really see these puppies.
Thank you, Mr. and Mrs.Kaiser (long since gone) for the heads up.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

30 word Thursday

Early morning sun.
Birds are singing.
Worms are stirring.
Daffies are popping.
Sunsets are coming later and later.
Sandals and t-shirts have made an appearance.
Spring is here.
I think.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The disappearing knife

Anyone here remember that I'm the gal that isn't altogether keen on cooking?
Well, it's true.  I'm not altogether keen on thinking about, buying, preparing or cleaning up afterward either.
To be fair - Petey does the cleaning up most of the time.
Anyway, there I was slicing and dicing getting ready for something or other.
I said I don't like to cook but I can and do a fairly good job of it when I do it.  I just don't really enjoy it.
Back to the slicing and dicing.  I have a favorite knife.  Here's a pic.

If you misplaced this thing, wouldn't you think it would be easy to find?  My kitchen isn't very big and I really only have two counter tops to work with so . . .
I was obviously distracted from my duties or this never would have happened.  What that distraction was, I do not remember.
As I returned to the job at hand, my knife was nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere.  I even looked in the garbage can - twice!
I left the room to collect my thoughts, do some deep breathing and move the clothes from the washer to the dryer.  I figured that was enough time for me to get a grip.
Nope.  No frigging place!  Where the hell was that knife???
I finally caved and told Peter I was having an issue.
He came in, looked around a bit and then pulled a drawer open that I would NEVER have put the knife in and . . . there it was.
Dirty.  Lettuce and cheese still stuck to it.
It was in one of the compartments that is reserved for short utensils so it didn't even frigging fit!
Mystery solved and apparently my multi-tasking days are over.
I'm going to really miss those days.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I found my pics!

You've all seen these but I want to get them back on the blog for posterity.  Bear with me.

Trip's diner

Focus on the cheese grits

SoCal style; healthy but yummy

View from one of our favorite restaurants:  Dewey Destin


LaFamiglia on the Harborwalk

View of HarborWalk

Dinner @ Harry T's

View of Harborwalk from beach opposite Harry T's

Whew, I feel better now.  Do you?

30 word Thursday (again)

Decisions, decision, decisions.
Daily to life changing.
Should I have that second cookie?
Go for the tunic/tights look?
Sell my house and move to Bali?
I told ya, tough ones.

Ellen screwed up AGAIN

I am clueless as to how this happened but I have deleted everything in my blog after 12/22/13.
I was in Google Drive and saw entries connected to my blog.  I thought, "what the heck are these doing in here?"
So, I deleted them.
Damn it!
Now what?
I have to walk outside right now and take some deep, cleansing breaths before I try to remedy this.