Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Quiet Man

If you've been reading along you know Petey and I just returned from a trip out east.

The trip had been planned for a while and the dates firmed up, finally, about a month or so ago.

Besides the lighthouses and the PA Grand Canyon, we were going to be spending some quality time with Peter's side of the family which we were both looking forward to.

Our last visit was two years ago and our brother-in-law, Lee, was in the hospital with a leg injury which limited our time with him.

Since Peter's sister, Patty's, death five years ago we've stayed in pretty close contact with Lee via phone calls so having some face time with him was important.

As we were leaving our house, bags packed, our nephew, Mike, called to tell us that his father, our brother-in-law, had died suddenly.

The funeral was going to be in four days and we were encouraged to go ahead with our travel plans so we did with heavy hearts.

Lee Kichline was a quiet man.  A man from humble beginnings.  He was an honest, hard working man with a professional work ethic that was never surpassed by anyone.

He was a very generous man who opened his home to Peter's parents without a backward glance.

He catered, sometimes grudgingly (the guy was a saint), to Patty's every request.

He loved his grandchildren and was very, very proud of his two children, Mike and Stephanie.

The man loved to cook and we were the grateful recipients of many of his meals.

He will be missed by many.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The PA Grand Canyon

Did you know there was one?  Neither did we until two years ago and we lived in Pennsylvania for a number of years.

We found out about the Grand Canyon when we were in Williamsport, PA for a Blues concert.  We were chatting with a fellow from Wellsboro (directly north of Williamsport) who said "next time you're out this way, come on up to Wellsboro and see the Grand Canyon."

He didn't act or look drunk so we continued our conversation.

Yup, sure enough there's a Grand Canyon and we headed toward it after we finished our round of lighthouses in Ohio.

First off, Wellsboro is a darling Norman Rockwell kind of town. Complete with a village green and cute shops.

The canyon is about 10 miles from Wellsboro and here's what we found when we arrived:

First stop was the Wellsboro Diner for lunch.  We almost passed it by but it started to rain and we took shelter.  Plus we were starving.

So glad we made that quick decision.  The diner has been there forever and for good reason.

Hot diggity dog.

OMG, this cookie was outstanding.  The reason there's a crack in it is because I had already split (it's a relative term for me) it when Petey reminded me to take a picture.  Guess which half he got.

Here's the village "green" I mentioned with a lovely fountain.  We attended a concert there in the evening.

And now for the trek down the canyon.  It was a mile of switchbacks down and obviously the same coming back up.

There was a lot of shade which we gratefully thanked Mother Nature for - it was a hot day!

Peter was trying to text for an uber but there was no cell service. ha!

Most of the pathways were dirt but there were places with wooden steps and ramps as well.

Watch out for the tree roots!  I never took my eyes off the path and was quite skittish on the way down.  The pictures were only taken when I stopped to gasp for air.  Not really, I was surprised at how well I did.  Slow but sure and thanking Jazzercise all the way.

See how chipper and "dry" we are?  That changed, big time, on the way back up.

A little waterfall.

How come Peter looks the same as he did in the "before" picture and I look like something the cat dragged in ???

After a rest and IV fluids (just kidding) we strolled through Wellsboro and spotted this piano on the sidewalk.  It's there for anyone to play.  Cool, eh?

We also took in the local cemetery.  I couldn't help but notice the food related head stones.

I got a kick out of this one: the first and second wife made the stone.  That Luther, what a thoughtful guy.
We definitely plan on returning to Wellsboro and want to visit the Finger Lakes of NY next time as well.

So now I can say I hiked the Grand Canyon with a straight face.  I needn't include the Pennsylvania part, right?

Friday, July 22, 2016

Lake Erie lights

Petey and I just returned from a trip out east to visit with family.  Along the way we took in some lighthouses on the shore of Lake Erie.  This one is in Port Clinton, OH.


Cedar Point



This is as close as we could get to the Lakeview Park light

Even further for this one so you'll need to squint a bit.  Conneaut - Lakeville

The last light (I missed one somewhere along the way) is the Barnegat Lighthouse on Long Beach Island, NJ

Petey got to go up two of the lights so he was a happy camper.  I stayed below and let the wind blow my hair about.  

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cell phones

Petey and I got into cell phones quite a while ago.  Tracfones, to be specific.  Never needed any of those fancy ones - the ones that cost an arm and a leg back in the day.

Nope.  Plain Jane flip phones were fine for us.  We really just needed to be able to call 911 if we got into trouble.

Then we took a step up and got the new Tracfone "Smart phone."
This was after other incarnations of Tracfones came and went.

My sister, Lisa, kept bugging me in a nice sisterly way:  Jesus, will ya get with the program and get an iphone.  Nice sisterly.

Finally a while back she upgraded and gave me her old iphone 4.
OOOOOOOOOOH, baby.  I was in love.

I gave my old Tracfone to Petey because his (exactly like mine) was acting weird.

That lasted until my old/his new (sorta) phone started dying.

What's a gal to do?  I bought a new iphone 5se and gave Petey my/Lisa's old 4.

Now we're both in love.  Truth be told, he is a bit envious of the things the 5 will do that the 4 can't.

Do you smell a new 5 comin' Petey's way?

Remember the "arm and leg" reference up top? hahaha, laughing at myself.  Oh, well.  Gotta stay current or the kids are going to run right over us.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Dinner Club

Our merry band of nut jobs got together again Saturday evening. I've been noticing how our start time has changed a bit over the last few years.  We were to show up at 6p and I'm sure that's because Hunters were praying we'd be gone by 9ish.  Haha, we fooled them; we stayed until 10!

Rosie Hunter is a vegetarian and has always been a good sport about eating around whichever type of meat the rest of us always serve when it's our turn. I might also add that she's never left meat out of her selections in past years either but this time she went veggie all the way!

The rest of us followed suit and no one missed beef/chicken/pork. We all left with full tummies after toasting the hosts numerous times and making lip smacking noises.

Melissa brought these yummy appetizers.

Joy made a wonderful salad.

Besides the entree (lasagna), which I didn't get a picture of, Rosie turned out a fantastic loaf of bread.

The table looked beautiful.

The geranium plates added a colorful splash of spring.

Mother Nature, as you can see, apparently didn't want us on the deck this year.  Notice the darling potting shed in the background?  There was some discussion about what kind of "pot" went on back there.

I had to snap a pic of this wonderful piece of art on the wall.

I never got a picture of Rosie.  I think she was out in the potting shed but there's Tom on the far left.  I'm so glad I captured him doing "all the work."

Melissa, Jim (in the middle) and the "other" Tom.

Joy (the tall one) and Becky (the short one.)

Becky made a wonderful strawberry shortcake and I was so swept away I never even thought of taking a picture.

Oh . . . were you wondering about my contribution?  I got off really, really easy - green beans!

I'm also very sorry I didn't get a shot of the hostess with the mostest because she pulled off the whole gig with a post surgical "boot" on. What a trouper.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Art in the Garden, 2016

For several years now our arts council has been putting on an "arty face" called Art in the Garden.

For me it's always been a reminder of how rich this area is with creativity.

Here's a good sampling of what was on display (and for sale) yesterday.

It took place at the Silo here in town and it was a windy day so, hence, a crappy shot of the sign.

My apologies to the artists.  I didn't take notes so most of these pics won't be labeled.  Remember, I'm the "lazy blogger." 

As I mentioned, it was windy day but a sunny one.  It was difficult to get decent shots of art behind glass.  GLARE!

Can you see yourself in this coolio chair sitting in the shade?

These garden posts were very cool and very tall.  I wanted to snap them in all their tallness but then I would have missed some details and I love me some details.

This would look great in someone's window.  It put me in mind of Frank Lloyd Wright.

I happen to know this artist well.  Alexa Birkam makes the most wonderful pottery. She'll be at my open house May 7th in case you missed her yesterday.

I can easily see this beautiful piece in a yard among the posies.

Swirly glass.

What's a garden without a bug?

Love these colors.

Another pal of mine - Alva Morgan.  Her photos are outstanding and she'll frame anything.  I mean anything.
At the end of the day I hope people went home with something pretty and the artists went home with a lighter load.