Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Our new library

Our library has been around as long as I can remember.
It's a Carnegie library and is a wonderful place.  I spent
a lot of time there as a teen being shushed by Mrs.Hanson.

An addition has been added and I spent a bit of time there this afternoon.
While the new side is finally open, the older side is getting revamped.  This is one of the seating areas with a great view through the floor to ceiling windows of the river.

These copper fish decorate the staircase leading to the lower level.

A faux fireplace.

Cool lights throughout and a view through a side window of the old gal.

I love this deck!  It's going to be so cool to sit out here and watch all the activity on our downtown boardwalk.

I'm a Kindle user and download all my reading material from the library but also love to spend time reading magazines there.

This is a huge picture of the Kalamazoo river that winds its way through Allegan.  Look closely and you can see the old/new trestle bridge in the background.

So spacious and bright.

This is another shot of the decking on the river looking toward the parking lot behind the older section.
We now have a library that will stay current with this ever changing world we are living in.

I'm also very, very happy that we kept the old gal.  She's a beauty and those of us that have wonderful memories (besides being shushed) are glad she'll be there for many years to come.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Another great time shared with EG Kight

As many of you already know I am a huge fan of EG Kight's.  I came across her music many years ago and began a slow stalk until Petey and I finally got the chance to see her live in Covington, KY.

Last Friday evening we drove down to Anderson, IN to see her for the 8th time.  The concert affected me just like the very first one did.

Over the years EG and I have become friends.  I really cherish the bond.  She's been through a lot which makes the friendship even more important to me.

So the venue was small Friday night, which I love.  It provides more interaction between EG and the audience.

In the past EG has asked me to get up on stage with her and sign "Through the Eyes of a Child."  It's a very moving song she wrote and brings a lot of people to tears.  She's like that.  I've been very honored to do so; hoping my signs lend a little extra to the meaning of the song.

So, the concert was nearing the end and she hadn't said anything about doing the song - which was fine - I don't expect to get the opportunity every time I see her.

Instead, she leaned toward me and said something that sounded like "shaky ground."  I didn't have a clue what she meant but she said it again in the form of a question.  

It sounded like she wanted me to come up there and sing a song with her and it was called "Shaky Ground."  But . . . . I know ALL of her songs and I KNOW there isn't one with that title.

There is, however, a song that Delbert McClinton has recorded with the same title.

She's not asking me to come up there in front of everyone and sing a Delbert song with her . . . is she?

Oh, crap! She is.  Do I know the song?  Well, yes, but all the lyrics?  Oh, HELL, no!

EG flies by the seat of her britches cuz she can.  Me?  No, never.  I have to rehearse stuff until it dies before I step in front of a mic but there I was, trying not to screw this opportunity up.

We made it through and I had a blast.

Thanks, EG.  You're the best.

Oh, and we closed the show with me signing "Eyes of a Child."

Another night I'll never forget.  I'm one lucky old gal.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Who Changed My Ringtone???

I do soooooooo love my cell phone.  I love the easy contact I have with the outside world.

It is not, however, without conundrums.  Like, who changed the ringtone on my timer?

I use my timer a lot.  I use it all the time when I'm stringing beads.  I secure the knot on my bracelets with really strong glue and need to hold it in place for a minute.  Hence the timer.

I used to count to 60 before I knew my cell phone had a timer.  That should be embarrassing but it's not.  I know I have limitations.

So - back to that specific ringtone.  But wait, I want you to know that I have different ringtones for incoming emails, texts and naturally incoming calls.  I just wanted to get that in there so you'd know I wasn't a complete "know-nothing" when it comes to cells.

So - back to the specific ringtone again.  I had it set to quiet bells.  Rather melodious but this morning I was startled to hear a revving motorcycle.  A Harley, I think.

I actually love the sound of motorcycles but I wouldn't have set it for my timer notification so . . . how'd it get there???

The only plausible answer I could come up with is that John Wilson somehow gained entry into our home and switched it on me.  He does stuff like that.

Or, maybe all you techies out there reading this blog entry have a better explanation.

I'm waiting.  I'm waiting.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Our 50th anniversary

We began our anniversary extravaganza with a classy lunch at Wienerlicious in Mackinaw City 

Then we did an about face and entered the Hotel Iroquois on Mackinaw Island
This is just one of many elegant touches we encountered in our "never to be forgotten" stay at this wonderful place.

We had the most fabulous meal at the Iroquois and the atmosphere was outstanding.

Petey started off with escargot.  It was fun watching him extract those little snails from their shells.  I think he burned a few calories during the procedure.

Here's his entree - prime rib.  Perfectly prepared.

I went with the filet mignon.  So, so tender. I ordered peanut butter pie for dessert which I shared with Petey.  I didn't get a picture of it because I was beyond excited to see it arrive at our table.  Take my word for it - it was beautiful and lip smackin' good.  I did not smack my lips, tho'.  It was a classy joint, remember.  No smacking allowed.

The complimentary breakfast was healthy and delicious. Usually, for me anyway, healthy and delicious don't go together most of the time but they pulled it off.

It took me a moment during our first morning to identify the "clip, clop, clip, clop" I heard outside our window.

We take the horse-drawn wagon tour every time we visit the island.  There's always something new to learn but I pretty much go for the donuts at the "break" spot.

We had lunch at the Jockey Club last year and decided on dinner there this time around.  It's part of the Grand Hotel and sits next to it on the golf course.

Petey went with the white fish/crab dish.  He did not, however, eat the flower that adorned his meal.

I had the Korean BBQ rib tacos.  Oh, my!

We realized that we'd only staid on the island once before many years ago.  Two nights was perfect because we got to experience the quiet evenings and mornings.

We absolutely fell in love with the Iroquois and hope to make it a habit of staying there whenever we return.  And we will return.

Sunday, July 22, 2018


No, I didn't hurt myself but I was wondering recently where that word came from.  What's its origin?

Who said it first?  

Do you think it was uttered by a caveman when he bonked his head while entering or exiting his cave?

Did Eve scream it when she stubbed her toe on that damn apple tree?

Do people who speak other languages say "ouch" when they sustain an injury?

I'm also thinking that "ouch" may be reserved for the minor boo-boo and the F-bomb is brought forth for the big stuff.  

I'd love to hear from people who speak other languages - what do you say when you pinch your finger in the door?

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A few days in paradise

I've already posted some of these pics from our trip up north on Facebook but I wanted to do a blog as well.  So, if you've seen them . . . . be on your way.

White fish with a cherry cream sauce at the Old Mission Tavern.  Divine! 

A handsome couple we ran into.

Sunset on our way back from the Old Mission peninsula.

Lunch in Suttons Bay with our old coastie pal, Bunkie.

As many of your know, Petey is a big fan of lighthouses so we made the trip to Northport so he could check it out.

On the lighthouse grounds.

Behind the lighthouse.

Outside seating at the Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Grand Rapids on our way home.

Petey satisfying his passion for pizza.

A shrimp BLT for me.  Outstanding!

We shared (yes, I did) the tiramisu.
We enjoyed the dickens out of our time in Traverse City.  Can't wait to go back.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Bonus Sweets

Some of you have probably seen the pictures I posted recently of the trip Petey and I took up north.

We stayed 2 nights in Traverse City - one of our favorite places.
We had a few things planned: a drive up the Old Mission peninsula and lunch with an old pal in Suttons Bay.

I had a secret goal, however.  There's an Italian deli/cafe in TC called Folgarelli's and besides all the wonderful food sold in this store, they have the BEST cookies - particularly the chocolate chips.

I called ahead of our departure from Allegan to reserve a cookie because the last few times we've been in TC, I missed them.  They're very popular.

Right after our lunch at North Peak, I scooted next door, salivating all the way, to pick up my cookie.

The man working the cash register had it there for me in a bag with MY NAME ON IT.  Once Petey got a look at what was left on the cookie shelf, he grabbed a coconut one and we took them out on the deck to enjoy.

As I reached into my bag, I noticed there were TWO chocolate chippers in there - not just one.  There was also a note that said to enjoy the cookies and thanks for my persistence and patronage.  

I went back in to see if it was the handsome gent at the front who was behind the kind gesture.  It was!  How sweet is that?

Once it was time to return home Petey had a great idea to stop in Grand Rapids for lunch.  He picked the Amyway Grand Hotel knowing there were a few places to choose from inside.

He decided upon Wolfgang Puck's restaurant and we sat outside by the river and had a wonderful meal.

Apparently the chef thought he kept us waiting too long (we didn't notice, it was such a beautiful setting) so he told our server to bring us the dessert menu and to pick one on him.

We were quite full from our delicious lunch but . . . we didn't want to be rude (hahahaha) and turn down his offer so Tiramisu was served!

Bonus treats.  Icing on the cake - pun intended.