Sunday, July 22, 2018


No, I didn't hurt myself but I was wondering recently where that word came from.  What's its origin?

Who said it first?  

Do you think it was uttered by a caveman when he bonked his head while entering or exiting his cave?

Did Eve scream it when she stubbed her toe on that damn apple tree?

Do people who speak other languages say "ouch" when they sustain an injury?

I'm also thinking that "ouch" may be reserved for the minor boo-boo and the F-bomb is brought forth for the big stuff.  

I'd love to hear from people who speak other languages - what do you say when you pinch your finger in the door?

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A few days in paradise

I've already posted some of these pics from our trip up north on Facebook but I wanted to do a blog as well.  So, if you've seen them . . . . be on your way.

White fish with a cherry cream sauce at the Old Mission Tavern.  Divine! 

A handsome couple we ran into.

Sunset on our way back from the Old Mission peninsula.

Lunch in Suttons Bay with our old coastie pal, Bunkie.

As many of your know, Petey is a big fan of lighthouses so we made the trip to Northport so he could check it out.

On the lighthouse grounds.

Behind the lighthouse.

Outside seating at the Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Grand Rapids on our way home.

Petey satisfying his passion for pizza.

A shrimp BLT for me.  Outstanding!

We shared (yes, I did) the tiramisu.
We enjoyed the dickens out of our time in Traverse City.  Can't wait to go back.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Bonus Sweets

Some of you have probably seen the pictures I posted recently of the trip Petey and I took up north.

We stayed 2 nights in Traverse City - one of our favorite places.
We had a few things planned: a drive up the Old Mission peninsula and lunch with an old pal in Suttons Bay.

I had a secret goal, however.  There's an Italian deli/cafe in TC called Folgarelli's and besides all the wonderful food sold in this store, they have the BEST cookies - particularly the chocolate chips.

I called ahead of our departure from Allegan to reserve a cookie because the last few times we've been in TC, I missed them.  They're very popular.

Right after our lunch at North Peak, I scooted next door, salivating all the way, to pick up my cookie.

The man working the cash register had it there for me in a bag with MY NAME ON IT.  Once Petey got a look at what was left on the cookie shelf, he grabbed a coconut one and we took them out on the deck to enjoy.

As I reached into my bag, I noticed there were TWO chocolate chippers in there - not just one.  There was also a note that said to enjoy the cookies and thanks for my persistence and patronage.  

I went back in to see if it was the handsome gent at the front who was behind the kind gesture.  It was!  How sweet is that?

Once it was time to return home Petey had a great idea to stop in Grand Rapids for lunch.  He picked the Amyway Grand Hotel knowing there were a few places to choose from inside.

He decided upon Wolfgang Puck's restaurant and we sat outside by the river and had a wonderful meal.

Apparently the chef thought he kept us waiting too long (we didn't notice, it was such a beautiful setting) so he told our server to bring us the dessert menu and to pick one on him.

We were quite full from our delicious lunch but . . . we didn't want to be rude (hahahaha) and turn down his offer so Tiramisu was served!

Bonus treats.  Icing on the cake - pun intended. 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Punch/kick like a snake bite

Do you know what that means?  Punch/kick like a snake bite?
My Jazzercise instructor, Brenda Pearson, uses that term all the time.

It means quick motion out and even quicker back - like a recoil action.

The first time I heard her say it, I knew exactly what she meant because I had prior history and performed the maneuver like a pro.

You see, way back in the dark ages when I went to Stephens College, I took a karate class.  It wasn't part of the curriculum and I don't remember how I came to be part of the group.  It might have had something to do with how drop-dead handsome the instructor was.

I also don't remember how long the class lasted but it wasn't too long because our teacher got busted for selling drugs.

It was really disappointing when we were informed the guy was behind bars because I was close to the board breaking part of the course.  And naturally, wouldn't get to see that cute face on a weekly basis anymore.

Who knew, many years later, that the one skill I took away from my karate lesson would be put to good use at Jazzercise.

I could see the appreciation in Brenda's eyes the first time she witnessed my precise punch and she absolutely glowed when she saw my kick.  Delivered like Bruce Lee.

Ok, I confess that last paragraph was a complete fib.
Ok, an out and out lie but my fingers took over on the keyboard.  They had a mind of their own.  Really.

I'm writing about the whole punching/kicking thing now because the memory came back to me the other day as I was expertly punching at Jazz.  That cute instructor's face popped into my head.

Wonder where he is now and if he's still a handsome devil? 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Bug bites and me

I've had some weird experiences with bug bites.  Some of them are or should be embarrassing but - you know me - they weren't.

I blogged about attending the retirement party of our doctor friend, Tim Dickenson ( I can never remember if it's "in" or "en") with a nasty reaction to a bug bite on my chest and didn't have an issue with asking him "would you mind looking down my shirt"?  Whereupon he whipped out his handy-dandy flashlight which he apparently has at the ready and looked down my shirt.  I should also add that Petey had a flashlight as well (WTH?) and he joined in the fun.

Doc gave me home remedy advice and sent me on my way.

Another bite occurred, also in my back yard, and that little stinker got me on the back of my upper leg - right below my you-know-what.  

That bite, like the one above, went from tiny to "holy shit, what's going on"? (question mark before or after the quotes?) very quickly and we were out of town.  Not far, though, but it was on a Sunday so I thought it would be a good idea to stop off at another doctor friend's house - Rian Mintek.

He answered the door and I asked if I could come in and drop my pants.  He didn't blink an eye and gestured, with a sweeping arm, so I entered.

I think he wrote me a Rx because there was mention of FLESH EATING VIRUS.

Now to current events:  we were at a neighborhood party down the street on Monday afternoon. Bridget and Bill Haag were the hosts in their beautiful home.

Bill had just finished a tour of the grand house and we were standing in the foyer downstairs when I felt something bite me on the upper leg (what's with the upper leg as a favorite target?).  I tried to ignore it but the biting continued.

I knew I had to get rid of the sucker so I said "excuse me but something's biting me and it needs to go."  I know Bill was present for the show and I also think Fred Jordan witnessed me shoving my hand down my shorts and aggressively moving it around in a frantic way.  Again, no one blinked an eye.

I was thinking of taking a picture to show you just how many bites I received that day (7) but there isn't enough money in this world to get me to show ya'll my upper thigh.

You're welcome. 

Sunday, May 27, 2018

While the dog's away . . .

the parents will play.

Augie is at "doggie camp" and Petey and I have been having a blast roaming the countryside.

Friday we drove up to Grand Haven, MI.  Such a beautiful place.  I will admit, however, that I had cookies on the brain.  I know, you're shocked, right?

There is a bakery up there that makes outstanding cookies.  I had one last year when we went up for the art show and I've been thinking of it ever since.

We didn't leave town until 3-ish and took the scenic route so we arrived just after 4p.  We got street parking and as luck would have it - parked right in front of the "bakery of my dreams."


I stopped myself before screaming out loud "WHO THE HELL CLOSES AT 4P ON A FRIDAY OF A FRIGGING HOLIDAY WEEKEND???"  Plus I knew it would embarrass Petey if I did that.  I almost fell to my knees, too.

Petey reminded me that the staff had probably been there since 6a making those damn cookies so . . . a 4p closure wasn't out of the question.

I pulled up my big girl panties along with a semi-happy face and we proceeded on with the day.

After browsing the shops and waterfront in Grand Haven we headed down to Holland where we rounded out the evening with dinner at the  New Holland Brewery - outside where we watched life go by as we ate.

Yesterday we headed out early for the South Haven Harbor walk.  Another beautiful day.  Mother Nature has really stepped up with this weather.

It's a wonderful place filled with great memories.  We reminisced with old neighbors (from our family cottage days) and then happened upon the Mermaid Fest.

Yes, it's for real.  There really is a Mermaid Society and it's world wide.  They were trying to break the attendance record with this gathering and did!  400+ maids (female and male) were out on the pier.  It was amazing.

After South Haven we headed into Kalamazoo for some great pizza at Erbelli's.

Home by 9p.  It was a long day and we're old; what can I say. And we still have 2 more days to go on this holiday weekend so we need to pace ourselves.  

Monday, May 21, 2018

Life with braces

 A handful of years ago a "used to be close friend,"  Tom Richmond mentioned the fact that it looked like I was missing a tooth.  Right up front. 

Up until that moment I will honestly tell you that I never noticed.  After my "used to be close friend's" comment, I was obsessed.

I started looking at all the photos of me and damn if he wasn't right.  I hate it when he's right.

I talked to my dentist about it and we discussed a few things - bonding and braces - and neither one sounded good.

Braces at my age?  I think not.

My dentist used that phrase every person over 50 hates:  as we age.
Yup, "as we age" our teeth start shifting forward!  That movement causes crowding and something's gotta give.

The crowding caused that small tooth to the right of my middle uppers to fade backwards. I know there are dental-specific names for these guys but I'm too lazy to ask Petey who was a dental technician in the Coast Guard. Anyway, that movement was only going to continue which meant that at some point everyone would lose sight of that once good looking tooth.

You know which one I'm talking about, right?

Dr.Seiferly referred me to Dr.Shannon, the orthodontist after explaining that the clear braces had come a long way.

Dr.Shannon has his own clear braces called SO Clear.

Easy process and here I am almost a year later very happy.

I might let Mr.Richmond back into my good graces after he showers me with compliments. I'm sure he's also expecting a big fat THANK YOU.



These are the "trays."  

You change weekly and wear them for 20-ish hours a day.
No wires - no pain.