Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hair Flicking/Swiping

It's a girl thing and I've noticed it for quite a while but it's really kicked into high gear with the new hair styles.  You know the ones where the part is way off to the side and the bangs are really long?  There's no way that hair is going to stay out of the eyes and it's just not quite long enough to tuck behind the ear although that doesn't stop them from trying.  Doesn't it drive them mad?  Or . . . do they like swiping it off their faces?  I had to stop watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent because of the female detective's hair. Yikes!
There are apparently different ways to move the hair too.  There's the head flick which seems like after a while would cause cervical damage.  There is also the smooth, dramatic finger drag.  The most dramatic being the index finger, palm out motion.
The other thing that simply mystifies me is when there really isn't any hair there to swipe and they do it anyway. Huh?
Now that I think of it, it's probably not just a girl thing.  I believe Justin Bieber brought the boys into the act with his "do."  Thankfully, he saw the light and got a haircut.  There are still plenty of boys out there that haven't gotten the message that the Bieber (am I even spelling his last name right?) style is soooo yesterday.
Now, I've never had long hair so maybe, deep down inside, I'm jealous because I've never had the opportunity to perform the flicking/swiping thing.  No, probably not.
Give me short with a fair amount of gel and spray, spike it up a bit and I'm good to go.
That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


  1. I view my hair as an evil necessity. It drives me bonkers. I hate it in my face or near my eyes. It is hot. I hate shedding all over the place. I can't wear hats in a fashionable way. I can never wake up, toss and go. Oh my word. I feel a rant post coming on. THANKS.

  2. Your welcome, Bliss, for providing you with the inspiration for a rant. It does one good.