Thursday, February 26, 2015

Same name, different digs

The Lady Gang gathers at a local coffee house called MugShots.  I'd reference the blog I did about it sometime ago if I remembered how and wasn't too lazy to figure out.  Or . . . you could go look for it in my archives.  hahahaha, yeah, like you're gonna do that.

Anyway, things changed for MugShots recently (notice how they don't use caps and I do - can't help myself) and they have a new home - about 2 doors down the street.  Bigger and brighter.

Take a look.

Bright colors, cool shapes.

This is where the yummy stuff is served.

Can you see my nose print on this case?

Easy-to-see menu.

We were few in number yesterday but we tried out the back wall in this area and claimed it.  Perfect!

Nice prints of downtown Allegan. 

This is the view you're treated to from all the rear windows.  I didn't get a decent shot of the 2 decks out there, covered with snow, but when they get a "face lift" it will be a great spot to sit and watch the river.  And practice out cat calls when unsuspecting pedestrians stroll by on the boardwalk.

I loved the arty touch of birch branches.

Vintage looking burlap shades.  Cool, eh?

More burlap.  Somebody got their "art" on.

The Lady Gang was happy in the new digs. We're there every Wednesday morning solving all the problems of the world.

Monday, February 23, 2015


There are all kinds of pillows and they play a significant role in our lives, don't they?

Today I'm thinking about the ones that play a role I simply don't understand.

Those fancy ones people love to put on their beds.  You know the ones with fringe or little balls hanging off the edges.

My SIL, Patty, loved those pillows.  She desperately wanted me to love them too.  It never happened.  She would be so happy to know that her daughter, my niece, Stephanie, has kept (do the "e's" look funny - like "c's"?  They look identical to me - wth???) the tradition alive.  

I don't know if the decorative pillow thing is a "New York" thing, an "Italian thing" or a "big city" thing.

My biggest issue with all those pillows, that have no particular function, is where the hell am I supposed to put them when it's time to climb into bed?

The condo we rented in Florida had those pillows and I just shoved them under the bed and left them there for the whole month.  I hope the landlord found them after we left.

I guess I should also mention the really, really cool sofa pillows you see in magazines but are so huge I don't think there would be room on the couch for anyone else.  

I don't get it.  I think I'm too "German."

Friday, February 20, 2015

My battery died - I thought

I've had a nice Seiko watch for a number of years.  I love it although I've never figured out how to set the date.  It doesn't really matter because those numbers are so small I can't read them anyway.

I'm a watch person.  I'm not one of those young ones that snub their noses at watches as they check their phones a hundred times a day.  Or . . . ask me for the time because I'm wearing a watch!

Anyway.  Imagine my angst when I realized my sweet Seiko had stopped working the other day.

A handful of years ago it wouldn't have bothered me as much because we had a jewelry store downtown.  No more.

That means I have to (or thought) leave town to buy a new battery.  Then someone mentioned that the hardware store carries batteries.  Boy howdy, I zipped down the street so fast - like a "New York minute."

Turns out you need to have the battery # and it's not on the back of the watch - must be on the battery, eh?  Ok, so take the back off.  Nope.  No can do.  No tool to do that.

What???????  Isn't this a hardware store?

Frustrated I returned home.  Double frustrated because it means we now have to leave town in search of a jewelry store and Mother Nature is NOT cooperating.

Enter Petey with a tenacity trait that is envied by millions.

He got out the magnifying glass to see if there really was a number somewhere.

That was when he noticed in teeny, tiny letters "solar."  hmmmm.  Doesn't that mean that there is NO NEED FOR A BATTERY?

He jumped on the internet and asked Mr.Google for help.

Two minutes later my watch was placed under a high intensity lamp for 3 hours and it's ticking like new now!!!

All is right with the world.  Whew.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Small town mailbox controversy

If you already live in Allegan, you're familiar with the "mailbox controversy."  

If not, sit back, get some popcorn and get ready for a tale of intrigue.

For many, many years a mailbox with a delivery shoot (I think it has an animal name like "turtle or giraffe" but again, as the lazy blogger, I don't feel like looking it up and besides, it's not integral to the story) for easy delivery for patrons who don't want to get out of their cars.

The post office sits (sat) on a one-way street so the box was located across from the building so drivers didn't interfere with the people who needed to angle park (pay close attention to that reference because it comes into play soon - you might want to take notes) and walk into the PO.

So, picture this (a drawing could help here):  as you look up the one-way street, the PO is on the right and the easy-entry mailbox is on the left allowing you, the driver, to pull up, roll down and drop your envelopes into that shoot thing I mentioned earlier.

This practice went on forever until someone decided a change was needed and made that block a two-way.  Can you see the issue here? Did your drawing help you out?

Now you can't pull up for a quick drop because you'd cross the oncoming lane and be facing traffic which is AGAINST THE LAW!

So . . . the box was moved across the street.  Do you see the problem with that?  If you have a passenger along for a ride, they can put their window down and do you a biggie but if you're alone and don't have orangutang arms, you're screwed.

Now you'll just have to put your car in "park", get out and walk around to deposit your mail.  Defeats the whole purpose.

Well, all hell broke loose.  I saw people with red faces, swearing to beat the band.  The staff must have taken all kinds of abuse.

Oh, and that angle parking I talked about?  That's gone.  It's all about parallel now which cut down on available space in front of the PO.  People were breaking the parking ordinances like mad.

Solution:  move the box around the corner into a city parking lot!  

And this is what I saw this morning on my "Augie" walk.


The move must have just taken place because it was too cold to do so earlier.  Much more room.  No more swearing.  Easy-peasy.

I wonder if there's going to be a ribbon cutting ceremony sometime this week? 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Winter tips

Having lived up north for all but three years of my life, I have a few tips for you.  I'm sure most of you already know them so feel free to add your own.

Mostly I'm writing this blog for the poor unsuspecting suckers who take a wrong turn and end up here between November and April.

First off - don't eat the yellow snow. hahaha  Everybody knows that one, right?

No matter how many "double dog dares" you get, don't put your tongue on a cold metal pole.  Not that I ever did that but I hear tell it hurts like hell.

Mittens are much warmer than gloves.

It's very difficult to look chic and be warm at the same time.  Go for warm.  Every . . . single . . . time.

While walking across a very icy area, take baby steps.  Yes, you'll look like 102 old woman but it's better than having your feet slip right out from under you.  Landing on your butt hurts almost as bad as trying to un-stick your tongue from that cold pole I was telling you about.

Always, always keep your pockets stocked with tissue.  There is simply nothing grosser than frozen boogers.  

Make sure you remove your balaclava before going into the bank.

Ice melt crystals are expensive but they will help you dodge a law suit from your mail carrier.

That's all I have for you.  Feel free to post your warnings (tips).