Monday, May 2, 2016

Dinner Club

Our merry band of nut jobs got together again Saturday evening. I've been noticing how our start time has changed a bit over the last few years.  We were to show up at 6p and I'm sure that's because Hunters were praying we'd be gone by 9ish.  Haha, we fooled them; we stayed until 10!

Rosie Hunter is a vegetarian and has always been a good sport about eating around whichever type of meat the rest of us always serve when it's our turn. I might also add that she's never left meat out of her selections in past years either but this time she went veggie all the way!

The rest of us followed suit and no one missed beef/chicken/pork. We all left with full tummies after toasting the hosts numerous times and making lip smacking noises.

Melissa brought these yummy appetizers.

Joy made a wonderful salad.

Besides the entree (lasagna), which I didn't get a picture of, Rosie turned out a fantastic loaf of bread.

The table looked beautiful.

The geranium plates added a colorful splash of spring.

Mother Nature, as you can see, apparently didn't want us on the deck this year.  Notice the darling potting shed in the background?  There was some discussion about what kind of "pot" went on back there.

I had to snap a pic of this wonderful piece of art on the wall.

I never got a picture of Rosie.  I think she was out in the potting shed but there's Tom on the far left.  I'm so glad I captured him doing "all the work."

Melissa, Jim (in the middle) and the "other" Tom.

Joy (the tall one) and Becky (the short one.)

Becky made a wonderful strawberry shortcake and I was so swept away I never even thought of taking a picture.

Oh . . . were you wondering about my contribution?  I got off really, really easy - green beans!

I'm also very sorry I didn't get a shot of the hostess with the mostest because she pulled off the whole gig with a post surgical "boot" on. What a trouper.