Sunday, June 30, 2013

I see dead people

Well, I saw live people portraying dead people.  I thought you might need some clarification.

Last evening Petey, my sister, Lisa, and I went up to our big, old city cemetery for a tour conducted by the historical society.  I figured it would be interesting and I sort of knew what to expect and the experience exceeded my expectations.

There are many gates to the Oakwood Cemetery; this is just one. 

Lisa signing her life away.  No not really.  I don't think so anyway.

This was our first stop.  I got a little teary-eyed at this one because I remember Mr.Havaich well.  He was a local shoe maker and his son, Matt, and I graduated from high school together.

After each each person gave you a bit of history regarding their life in Allegan, a lady in black would enter and give them a rose.  A gentleman, also in black, would then relate the cause of death, age of death and funeral details.

Mrs.Griswold.  She lived to be a ripe old age and left a pile of $$$ to Allegan upon her death.  We have much to thank Marilla for.

Luther Perrigo.  It was so interesting to hear about his early life and what led him to Allegan.  Boy, oh boy, are we glad he came this way, too!

This is the Cady plot.  I have to confess to not remembering a lot from this one.  I was so busy trying to get decent shots and worrying that I wouldn't be able to get back up from the squatting position that my mind is a blank. 

This is "Boss" Weeks.  Handsome fellow.  Played football for the U of M.  My friend, Jo, used to live on Weeks Street.  Cool, eh?

That "Boss" was a hottie.

This is the flyer from our historical society.  That's a picture of our old jail museum.  If you're ever looking for something interesting to do, go check it out.

This is the lady at the helm of the historical society, Ms.Strickfaden.  Notice how I skirted the first name?  I think it's, Amy, but I don't want to go out on a limb and then be embarrassed.
 Like I said earlier, the tour was very interesting and entertaining.  I look forward to next year's new crop of dead people.  There's a lot to pick from.

Friday, June 28, 2013


For those of you who are following my every move here on "Ellen Alive," I'm sure you've noticed that I inadvertently (has nothing to do with me being an un-techy) deleted almost every friggin' comment made in 2013.  Oops.

So if you're re-reading my posts (who wouldn't, eh?), try not to scream out loud in frustration because the comments are gone.  No way to get them back.  Sorry.

Which, by the way, let me encourage you, again, to comment.  Don't be afraid.  Give it a whirl.  I love to hear from y'all.

Just wanted to solve the "where the hell are the comments" mystery.  

You're welcome.    

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Same store/new location

Most of you locals are familiar with a semi-new store called
Hathaway Cottage.  It's lovely and offers up many beautiful items for your buying pleasure.

Truth be told - the original location didn't show them off well enough.  An opportunity recently came their way and they are now in downtown Allegan.

The building they're in housed our one and only jewelry store which had been a landmark since Hector was a pup.  When McFarland's closed up shop, people around here were sad to see them go but wished them well.

We're all thrilled that Hathaway has moved in and made the space their own.

I couldn't seem to get a good enough shot of the exterior so this will have to do - for now.

Something for the yard?  Look closely; see the doggie water dish behind the potted flower?  Just in case your pup gets thirty while you're strolling the downtown business district.

First thing you see as you enter the store.

The baby clothes will have you oohing and aahing like a fool.

Jim and Sandy Wheat had their hands on these beauties.

Cards for any special occasion.

I think this bird bath belongs in my yard, don't you?

I think this Brighton bracelet belongs on my wrist, don't you?

Proprietors Carol and Randy Sneller.

Carol is waiting patiently to take your $$$.

We bought these.  Drop by at your leisure and smell my house.
More Brighton bracelets.
Another Brighton piece.  They have other outstanding handbags, too.
Wouldn't these scarves look cool wrapped around my neck?
A ton o' earrings to pick from.

Such a classy way to bag up our candles. 
Those Snellers are sneaky people.  They make sure you fill up on nibblies and spiked "fruit punch" and then you spend with reckless abandon.  Just like us - TWO WHOLE CANDLES!!!
 Just so you know.  The Snellers are very nice people but don't expect the above goodies to be there every time you go to their store.  This occasion was a "Brighton" party of sorts.  Hathaway has just started selling this line so this was their way of announcing the news.

If you live here in Allegan and you haven't been to Hathaway yet, 
you need to go in and check them out.  If you don't live too far away, come on into town and stroll the streets and drop in to see Randy and Carol.  That is if Randy's not out on the golf course.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Party at Lake 16!

 We are lucky ducks here in
Michigan.  We have a ton o'
small, medium and large inland
lakes.  This is one of them.

This cottage epitomizes the traditional "cottage by the lake."


Time to eat!  The hosts provided
a taco bar and the rest of us brought other goodies.
I would commit a felony for Jeremy's guac.


                  Taco bar.

 Part 1 of the dessert table.  Why, oh why did I even walk into this room??????

I don't want to go into too much detail here but my plate was obnoxious.  The good news is I couldn't finish everything on it.  A young friend (Gerah) came to my rescue and took care of my left-overs.


 The hosts:  Becky above and Jim to the right.  These folks know how to get their shindig on.

This is "The Lady of the Lake."  Carved out of what was left after a big willow went down.  When I look at her I remember Becky's mother, Phyllis Streidl, co-owner with her handsome husband, Jack, of this little cottage by the lake.


I call this group "the elder think tank" minus Adam on the far left who is, by no means, elder.

This is the "youngster" think tank.  They all look quite bright so I feel comfortable leaving the problems of the world on their shoulders - don't you?
I don't know who these people are and I have no idea why they are all holding fake mustaches-on-sticks.  They look ridiculous, don't they?  I walked quickly away from them.  They scared me.

A very enjoyable evening (except for those weirdos with the 'staches) in a serene setting with a bunch of nice people.  I know how happy Phyllis and Jack would be to see that their little cottage on Lake 16 is still hosting good times.

Friday, June 21, 2013

How about a little Italian

No, I'm not talking about Petey.  Ok, he's not the tallest Sicilian on the block but I wouldn't describe him as small - would you?

I'm talkin' food.  Italian food.

We couldn't decide where to eat tonight.  Certainly not in my kitchen - so where to?  We'd been to the Grill House last night and as much as I love the joint - two nights in a row wasn't going to happen.

Petey suggested Fricano's.  It's not far although out of town so we felt like real "grown ups" going out.

 Fricano's is in a cornfield.
There isn't much in the outdoor
surroundings that lead you to 
believe there's going to be good
chow inside.  Don't let that
mislead you.  Go in!

 A few other people dropped in
as well.  I don't know how many
people they can seat but it's a

Check out the back of Petey's
head above.  And, hehe, look at
it in the lower left corner of the
pic on the right. I don't see a 
bald spot - do you? 

 Hey!  These people look like celebrities, don't they?  I wonder
who they are?

Outdoor dining.  I don't know
why we didn't sit out there.  Oh
well.  Next time.

 Salads and yummy bread.

 My husband, the Sicilian, loves a thin, thin pizza.

  I like a nice lasagna.

After dinner we hopped in that gondola, grabbed both bottles of wine and went for a delightful ride down the nearest river.
I made that last part up.  You know that, don't you?

Good food, wonderful service.  Check out Fricano's if you've never been there.  If you have - go back again!