Thursday, November 29, 2012

Deleted pictures

I like to include pictures in my blog as I'm sure you've noticed.  Just when you get a little sick of my blah-blah-blah, I post some pictures to capture your attention again. hehehe

Well, recently I went to post some shots and got a notice that my Picasa Web Album was full.  huh?  Apparently Picasa is a Google child and all pictures going into my blog are stored in a Picasa Web Alum which apparently has a maximum storage capacity - unless you pay them some $$$ for more space.

Well, hell, I'm not going to pay a whole $2.49 a month for picture storage.  I'll beat them at their own game.  I'm sly like that.  I'll just go into that album and delete like a crazy deleting woman and make more room!

Looks like I'm not as crafty as I thought.  Picasa wasn't born yesterday; neither was Google, I guess.  When you broom pics from the web album they also disappear from you damn blog!!!  All you will see if you decide to scroll back in time here (I'm sure you love re-reading "Ellen Alive!) are a bunch of black frigging boxes.

When I settled down and stopped swearing I came to my senses.  I love blogging.  It is an outlet for me.  I guess I'll be sending Mr.Google some money, eh?  


  1. Perhaps you might want to get a back up hard drive just for you picture files? They are relatively inexpensive and you would have total control. That's a good thing, methinks!

  2. Boy, seems like they get you coming and going. Save those pics, Ellen!

  3. That is such a bummer! I don't think WP works like that. I had tons of pictures on my previous blog and wasn't close to using up the provided storage. Very interesting.