Monday, November 12, 2012

A Cat Rant

First of all, let me just say - I love cats.  We had one of the coolest cats of all time.  His name was Yogi and he lived for 17 years.  When he became ill and had to be euthanized, I thought Petey and I would have to be hospitalized.  Our grief was deep and lasted a long time.

Yogi was an indoor dude.  We loved him so much we couldn't imagine letting him roam the neighborhood with all the traffic around here.

Now we have a dog as most of you know.  Augie is either on a leash as we take our walks or in the fenced in back yard - safe.  Allegan, like most communities, towns and cities has a leash law.  For dogs not cats.  Why can cats traverse the town freely pooping anywhere they please and dogs must be accompanied by an owner at the end of the leash with poop bags in their pocket?

Don't get me wrong.  I like the leash law and I wish everyone had poop bags in their pockets (I've already addressed that in an earlier blog) but no one talks about the cats that come into their yards and poop to their heart's content.

I could probably live with cat shit in my yard because they pick the areas with loose soil which is along the perimeter - out of the way - but (and I'm sorry to paint this picture for you)  Augie considers the cat deposits as tasty morsels.  I know, gross eh?

The vet explained to me that cats do not digest their food so what goes in comes out in pretty much the same configuration.  Tasty.

So, who's with me on a leash law for cats?  Anyone?  Anyone?  


  1. I agree and there is a gate in our house that keeps the dogs away from the automatic cat poop disposal unit. The 30 seconds it takes to scoop up the ucky and deposit it safely away is long enough for Dozer and Kylee to have a munch fest.

    Now Randy would like to add he wants a Goose leash law. Where he walks the Dogs along the BC River the side walks have Goose Poop Munchies. He is tired of trying to keep two Great Danes heads up high enough they can't scoop as they walk. Xavier rides his bike with Papa and tries to hit all the presents with his bike tires and giggles Goose Poop as he rides!! You just never know what will tickle a kids heart!!

  2. Cats on a leash, huh? That's pretty nuts. Although yer mutt eats the poop (and that is disturbing from an aesthetic point of view), it doesn't seem to harm him and meanwhile those cats are out there decimating the rodent population who want nothing more than to make themselves acquainted with the contents of your pantry. Now I'm sure you've seen their calling card and not-so-coincidentally, it turns out to be mouse feces. So here you have a clear and distinct choice. Whose poop do you want and where do you want it?

    1. Atheists have a point of view regarding cat shit? News to me.

    2. Oops,just re-read your comment, Unknown. Aesthetic not atheist. hahaha

  3. At the old house, the kids were once playing in the backyard...sandbox. Happily squishing "clay" as I pulled weeds. That was the stinkiest, nastiest "clay" ever! Now we have a sealed, raised sandbox. I am all for a kitty leash law!

  4. We have cats. Love them. Keep them inside for two reasons: 1. Their safety 2. Songbirds' safety