Monday, November 5, 2012

Beaddazzled's Holiday Open House

We had another successful open house on Saturday.  For those of you who are new to my blog I open the door to my home twice a year and people come into it and buy pretty things and leave smiling.  Besides my beads this year I had 8 other people here hawking their wares.

 These are just a few of Alexa Birkam's outstanding pottery pieces.  Alexa is the one "constant" in my list of creative people who participate in these gigs.  People come from far and wide for her pottery.

My neighbor, Linda Jordan, brought over several darling items.  Sorry about the blurry pic of the mittens; I must have been shaking with excitement.

My long-time pal, Sue Buese, knitted these goodies.  I have a pair of those half-mittens and wear them all the time.  Very handy.

Sheila Shaw knitted up a storm for the open house.  Her hats are to-die-for and I saw several people leaving with those curly-swirly scarves around their necks.

Sue Richardson was new to the Beaddazzled experience and she brought the cutest darned goodies.  Perfect items for teacher gifts, mail carrier "thank you" gifts, etc.  I bought several things that will be shipped to a far-off land.

Joyce Earle creates the most amazing things from the gourds she grows.  Her attention to detail brought on a lot of "ooing and aahing."

Elizabeth Engelsman makes soap and other goodies from the milk her little goats willingly (?) give her.  Wonderful scents and look how beautifully she packages her things.

My sister, Lisa Brachman, is a distributor for a company called 
It Works.  Besides the supplements she sells to help you get and stay healthy there are also products available to aid in weight loss.  She had a mini-line at her table all day.  She was on the opposite side of the room from the cookies!

And here are my things.  Necklaces, disks for your hoop earrings, wire chokers with magnetic clasps for my loose beads and bookmarks.

If you missed this fantastico event this year, we'll do it again in May.  It's always a lot of fun and we'll have something for you to eat and drink while you're here.  What's not to like about that???        


  1. Sorry to miss it! Linda said she did really well, and I hope you all did.

  2. It looked like you had a great turn out from the busy-ness on the street and the fact that I almost ran into Pete. : ) I almost came down but I didn't want to spend any money and I knew I would if I came down. After these pictures, I know exactly what it would have been on (besides one of your bookmarks). : )