Saturday, November 10, 2012

This could be the last great weekend.

I'm talking weather.  At least here in southwest Michigan anyway.  I was just outside with Augie (twice but who's counting) and it's rather balmy out there.

I'm not sure it will get warm enough for me to make beads out on the back porch which is not insulated but it's certainly perfect for getting up the last of those pesky  leaves.  Hint, hint, neighbors.

Also, not that I'm encouraging it, but if you're so inclined to foo-foo up the outside of your home with green/red/green/red, etc. Christmas decorations, this just might be the perfect time to start stringing the lights along the outline of your house.  Not going to happen here, however.  Never has, never will.

Oh, and while you're out there, how about taking down the Halloween decorations.  They're starting to look funky and the pumpkins are molding.

While we're talking holidays - how about Thanksgiving?  Don't you think it is overlooked?  It's never been a big favorite of mine but sometimes I feel sorry for it.  It's stuck in between the candy frenzy of Halloween and the fat man in the red suit that brings presents to us.  It's hard to hype up.  Particularly to women who get stuck in the kitchen all friggin' day.

We've had all different configurations of Thanksgiving.  In recent years I've had the meal here but last year we decided to dine at Friendship Village where mom lives and wondered out loud, "why haven't we done this before?"  The service was wonderful, everyone was very cheery and the food was very, very good.  So that's what we'll be doing again this year.

Winding up and getting back to the title for this blog.  November can be a terribly ugly month.  It's the month we turn back the clocks so now the damn evening starts at 5:30 which makes it way too long.  It can be wet and cold which is never a good combo.  So, if it's above 50 degrees wherever you are, get out there and do something!    

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  1. Curious...was the "hint, hint neighbors" line directed 2 door down to your east?