Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Campaign

I know I said when I started this blog that I wouldn't talk about religion (just that one time) and politics

So here goes that "one time" about the campaign.

Holy cow I'm glad it's over!  Let me just say that I don't get into the whole frenzy thing.  I don't canvas, I don't make phone calls and I don't put signs in my yard.  I do vote, however.  I like physically going to the polls.  I have only voted absentee once (I can't remember why) but I missed actually walking into a building to vote.

I know I'm not alone in the "disgust" factor regarding the campaign.  The money spent, the robo calls and the negative television ads.  It got so bad Petey and I were thinking it might be better to have a queen instead of all the mud-slinging.

If the queen thing doesn't fly then I think there should be a hard and fast rule about phone calls and negative television ads.  Naturally if there was a rule with swift consequences the sneaky bastards that run the campaigns would find a way to get around them.

A few weeks ago I was on a job waiting for the client to show up.  I was minding my own business in the lobby reading a juicy murder mystery on my Nook.  An older gentleman asked if I wouldn't mind the interruption, he wanted to inquire about my ereading experience.  We chatted about Nook/Kindle versus the real thing and then, before I was aware of it, he switched to bashing our president.  There wasn't even a segue!   I don't get into those kinds of conversations because, honestly, I'm not well versed in the subject.  Thankfully the client showed up and I could excuse myself.

So, I'm glad the circus is over.  The clowns have removed their make-up and taken the tent down.  Now we have 3 years to make some kind of progress (if Congress plays nicely).  Yes, I said 3 years because we all know what happens during the last year of service by a president, don't we.

I can hardly wait.  NOT! 

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  1. The good thing about the 3 years ahead is that during the 4th year the President will be doing his job and not running for re-election!!

    Loved your comment about the clowns, makeup and tents. I had to hit the mute button during all the adds the last week. I just couldn't listen to the crap anymore!!!