Sunday, November 25, 2012

The lights that light the light that lights the light

I'm not quoting the lyrics to the new K-mart jingle.  It is a catchy one and I started singing along the first seven times I heard it.  It's starting to wear on me now but nothing close to the mad woman in last year's Target commercials.  The "screamer."  Yikes!

No, I'm talking about all the little lights inside my house.  In the bedroom alone:  red coming from the power strip next to the nightstand, the soooo bright light on my alarm clock (I had to cover it with dark tissue paper), two lights on the phone (I tried blacking out the one on the handset with a Sharpie - no go) and lastly (I think unless I've missed one or eight), the red dot on the TV or is it orange?  Who cares.

Now let's leave the boudoir.  Thankfully, nothing blinds me in the dining room which I have to pass through in order to make a "pit stop" in the middle of the night.  

The kitchen has a microwave light and the stove clock is bright enough to guide me to my destination. No need for a night light in the potty.

The living room: a little red light on the TV, another power strip light and then the grandaddy of them all - the router adaptor!  That little thing has a blue light on it so bright we have to close the bedroom door.

Now for the outside.  We don't have any exterior lights that we feel need to stay on all frigging night like some people in our neighborhood.   I understand that for security purposes people might want lights but I'm thinking motion sensor.  

Or maybe I'll just have to get some "black out" curtains, eh? 



  1. I hate those outside security lights. People should realize that they need to shine them on their own houses, not out at the world, if they want to deter prowlers. Also, if the light leaves any surface unlit, it makes a wonderful shadow for someone to hide in. Motion detectors make more sense but, again, they need to light up one's own house!

    1. There was a recent warning in the paper about car/garage thefts - lock them up! I'm thinking that's why 2 neighbors decided to leaving their lights on.

  2. Ellen. Outdoor light pollution is one of my biggest peeves! We have just drafted a letter to a neighbor who leaves on an insidious, yellow, very bright security light which glares directly into our back yard and all the windows across the back of our house including our bedroom. I refuse to get black out curtains because I love to (or used to) see the natural celestial lights. Jeff and I researched"light pollution" ordinances in Allegan and elsewhere. Find good ones elsewhere. None in Allegan (hmm). But if our first line of attack (said letter) fails to dim the light, we will seek other means!

  3. Ellen, I couldn't agree more! To top that off my "kits" need their night light by their liter box. So there ya go, invent something to put on these pieces of light. A "cloroform" plastic type of solid black would do that one could cut in to form fitting pieces. Of course, then each night and each morn we would have to deal with them. At least my musical clock has a light sensor for the music so it doesn't keep me awake all night. Next thing ya know the docs'll find a syndrome from light induced electronics. Teresa