Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Where are my socks?

For those of you who have been around for a while reading my blog like good little doobies, you'll remember the bedroom move that happened in September.

We are happy, happy people with this change in our lives.  I am amazed, however, with the ripple affect that has taken place.

Moving the computer into the living room meant getting the cable dude in to do his thing.  Mr.Electric made an appearance with a pricey surprise attached and sleeping in a smaller (from a king to a queen) bed has prompted this response from Petey on more than occasion:  "wow, this is a small bed."  This from the guy that thought we could easily go into a regular double/standard bed!

Now for the moving of the clothes.  That's where a tiny bit of confusion has come in.  When we lived upstairs, Petey and I had totally separate dressers and makeshift closets and now we're sharing both of those spaces.

Are my exercise socks in the second from the bottom drawer or is that one for my undies?   Nope, that one's for Petey's boxers.

I wonder how long it will take me to remember where everything is?  I will freely admit that some of those same issues prevailed upstairs and we were up there for 34 years!  hmmmmm

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  1. We got rid of our dressers when we moved everything into the walk in closet/laundry room. Shelves with baskets, etc. I don't miss the dressers, I just shoved stuff around looking for what I wanted!

    Now downsizing from our King to a Queen is in our future, I am NOT excited about that!!!! But finding a travel trailer/fifth wheel with a king size bed is kind of rare and probably to big for anything we want to haul around the USA!!

    You and Petey will figure it out I am sure!!!