Saturday, December 1, 2012

Do you finish off the old before you crack open the new?

I have a new bottle of eye drops waiting in the wings so I won't have to walk around for half a day with dry eyes when the old one runs out.  I like to plan ahead.

I also have a back up blush stashed in one of the bathroom drawers so after I have scraped every last little bit out of the old one, it will be a quick transition to the new one.  Same color.  No biggie.

The same thing's happening in the mascara department.  Actually I just threw the old one out after it finally ran dry and peeled the wrapper off the new one.

In my "devil may care" days I wouldn't wait until the last drop before pitching the old and starting a new whatever.  Even if it was the exact same thing - didn't matter.  I just wanted that feeling of "new."

Having said that, I can't say I that I don't still revert to my wasteful ways now and then.  Especially if there's even the slightest difference.

Like my new lipstick.  Same make but the shade is just a teeny tiny bit darker.  The number on the old one was 280 and the new one is 275.  I'm struggling.  I really, really want to throw that ole 280 out but . . . but . . . there's still enough left in the tube to apply several more coats.  Have I turned into my grandmother???????

All bets are off when it comes to nail polish, though.  I must have 8 bottles of varying colors in that drawer.  I'm sure there's more than half in each bottle.  I'm a wasteful wench, aren't I?

Now let's move into the kitchen.  Three slices of bread left.  Sitting next to the new, moist loaf.  See ya!

Half a finger of milk.  There's a new carton practically touching it.  

The last Oreo?  Now hold on just a darn minute.  Unless it's soft to the touch, I'm eatin' that sucker.  We're talking cookies after all.

When/if you throw out the old stuff to tear into the new, do you have to hide the tossing from someone?  I do.  Shhh, don't tell Petey.       


  1. I think it is an aging thing. The older I get the more frugal I tend to be about using things completely up before opening the new. I still have much to improve on in this department though.

    1. I will continue to try and improve too but you will never see me using a toothpick to dig out the last of my lipstick.
      Oh, hell, no!

  2. When at the grocery store, I'll buy new for something I remember there's a nearly empty bottle of something. But the next time I go to the store, I'll remember that I'm almost out but forget that I've already replaced it. So I buy another bottle. Now I have two brand new full bottles and one with only dregs. I have to throw it out so I don't keep replacing it.