Friday, November 2, 2012

Lucky to live in southwest Michigan

I'm sitting here watching the news coverage of the devastation the east coast has suffered in the wake of hurricane Sandy.  I see the pictures, I hear the stories but it's still very difficult for me to imagine what it must be like for the people out there.

We have friends and relatives affected by Sandy and not being able to talk to them is frightening.

We have a few months of snow here.  Every now and then a blizzard or ice storm but, honestly, those things just don't happen often.  When they do, our highways are cleared quickly.  Our power is restored as fast as humanly possible.

Sitting in a cold house for days is something I have never had to live through.  We get annoyed if the power goes out for a few hours.

We don't have wild fires, mud slides, earthquakes or hurricanes.  Heck, we hardly ever have a tornado anymore.  I'm so glad I'm where I am.

The only glimmer of good that I've seen during this terrible time is  the out pouring of help that comes from the average Joe.  People banding together to share what little food they have.  The young girl who set up internet access for neighbors so they could contact their families.  

At the heart of it - people are good.  Let's hope the opportunistic bastards leave them alone.   

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