Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sniff, sniff. What's That Smell????????????

Mother Nature does a pretty good job in the smell department.  I really don't think she needs any help.  Well, except for decomposing squirrel and skunk farts - those and a few other odors could be eliminated but, for the most part, the freshly mowed grass smell is a good one, honeysuckle on a warm evening is a winner, etc.  I could go on and on and I'm sure you all have favorites too.
The point of this blog entry, though, is not what the Mother cooks up for us but what the fragrance industry is spraying into the air.
I was chatting with a business man the other day - late in the afternoon - and from 3 feet away his after shave/cologne was still strong enough to burn my nose hairs!  Can you imagine having to share an elevator with him at 9a?????????????
Another time I was greeted by a woman friend I hadn't seen for quite a while and we hugged.  I was very happy to see her but not happy about smelling her - on my clothes - for several hours afterward.  Wow, talk about "fragrance transfer." 
Years ago I worked in a school with a woman who wore a very heavy, flowery perfume.  Just passing her in the hallway made my stomach turn over resulting, often times, in a verp.  You know what a verp is, right?  The burp/vomit combo?  All I could think of was what would I do if I ever had to work in the same room with her?  I mean, how do you tell someone their fragrance is making you sick?
 A male friend told me about having a nurse tend to him in the hospital who was wearing one of the cloying, musky scents.  He was counting the minutes until discharge. 
There should be "fragrance free zone" signs posted!  Or do you think it's too Nazi-ish to have it written into the employee handbook?
I was at a workshop not long ago and had to move to a different seating area because the woman behind me must have taken a shower in Patchouli.  And I'm not allergic - I don't get migraines like some poor people do but the overpowering smells that some people douse themselves with leave me reeling.
I know as a teenager I did the whole "spray in the air and then walk through the cloud" thing with who knows what scent.  I'm sorry.  If I sat next to you in the movies and made you suffer.  I'm sorry.
I think the number one puke-inducing smell is the "I'm a smoker so I'll spray this perfume all over my body to cover up the really icky smell of my cancer sticks."  Yeah, that works.  Not!
Ok, I've been sitting here too long staring at the screen trying to think of a closing sentence.  I got nuthin'.
See ya.