Friday, April 20, 2012

I Learned a New Term Yesterday

"Gangster lean." Thanks, Jan Melvin.  Never heard it before but now I know what to call it when I see it ALL  THE  TIME!!!
The other day I was driving to Kalamazoo for a job.  I was in the passing lane and some ass came flying up behind me and sat on my bumper for 7 seconds.  When I checked "him" out in my rear view mirror, much to my surprise (not!), he was on his cell phone.  The phone was in his right hand and he was leaning - way to his right.  It looked like he was propped up by his elbow - that's how far he was leaning.  His left hand was on the wheel but not gripping it; resting comfortably on top so he could easily gesture with it - which he was doing constantly.  I took my time getting back into the left lane (not that he noticed) and he went cruising on by.  He was in a suit - didn't look like a gangster to me.
Don't think I'm letting women off the hook.  They're out there gabbing like crazy too but no leaning has been observed.  Plenty o' drifting, though.  They drift back and forth in their lane like they're drunk.
Don't get me wrong - I think cell phones have a real purpose in our lives and, yes, I have one but rarely use it.  I turn it on when I leave the house on my way to a job so the agency can contact me if there is a problem; like the job has been cancelled.
What I'm seeing in my travels, tho', tells me that cell phone usage (while driving) has become a pandemic. I see people driving, talking and gesturing with a certain look in their eyes - they are not paying attention to the road and the world around them.  It scares me.
Laws can be passed but I honestly don't think they will be enforced - like the new "no helmet" law here in MI.  The police have enough to do; I don't see them pulling people over for cell phone usage while driving.  They're certainly not going to be checking all the helmet-less bikers out there to see if they have the appropriate insurance coverage, etc.
It's scary out there, folks.  Be careful.  And please, please, please - save the cell phone for when you come to a stop.  Please.
I know that cell phones are here to stay but I think Miss Manners needs to get busy and publish some rules.  I could go on and on about sitting at a table with someone when their phone rings and they don't get up and move off into a corner to chat but stay at the table so the rest of us get to be part of their conversation.  Or listening to someone go on (in a loud voice - why is that?) while standing in line at the grocery store.  Thankfully I'm not hearing that horrid "beep" from the two-way phones as much anymore.  That one made me see spots in front of my eyes.  I swear you could hear it 3 aisles away.
I was having a real conversation with someone the other day and a woman walked up to us while she was talking on her cell - and stood there - and we felt like we should stop talking.  Really?
Miss Manners - where are you??????????????????

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  1. Leslye Wilson BursonApril 22, 2012 at 2:56 PM

    Love the Bluetooth in the car ..... or would you prefer "no talking" period ???