Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Camp in a Wheelchair

Not too long after the "bloody eye incident" I had foot surgery - on both my feet at the same time!  Had to have been my dad's idea.  He's the guy that had both cataracts removed at the same time.
I had rather pronounced bunions.  Severe enough to make fitting into shoes an issue and, I'm guessing, would only get worse as I aged so the decision was made to go under the knife.
If you know anyone who has had bunion surgery you'd know that it's an out-patient adventure now - going home with one of those coolio boots on.  Well, not "back in the day."  I was an in-patient in the "childrens' ward" for several days.  I think it was 9 but, again, could easily be wrong on that one.  Maybe it was 2 but felt like 9.
I do remember lying flat in bed with a board at the end of it to prevent me from moving my feet - no pointing allowed!
The boots hadn't been invented yet - I had tongue depressors strapped to the sides of both feet where the bunions used to be.  Fancy eh?
On to camp.  Stuff like foot surgery and fractured legs (just ask my sister, Stacey) didn't keep the Brachmans (my maiden name) down.  I was already registered so off I went - IN A WHEELCHAIR.
Now, it wasn't a camp with tents and cots.  It was a music "camp" and we stayed in a large house in Caseville, MI with a lot of bedrooms.  We stayed for 6 weeks and rehearsed for a big musical production at the end.
My first year we did Carousel.  My second year, the wheelchair year, we performed The Kind and I.  Naturally, I wasn't in the chorus belting out You'll Never Walk Alone from my wheelchair.  I was assistant to the director that summer. 
The up side of being in the chair was all the attention.  For those of you who know me, you know that I don't shy away from attention. hehe  Kids pushed me around - even to the beach!  It was all fun and games until one smart-ass pushed me into the center of the road, tipped my chair backwards and left me there.
So when all was said and done, I'd say it was a pretty good summer.  The attention thing again. 
I can't help myself.

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