Monday, April 9, 2012

A Little OCD

I think a little OCD is a good thing.  I believe I have more obsessive tendencies than compulsive issues.
By obsessive, I mean things like not being able to leave the kitchen if I spot one of the cabinet doors ajar or a drawer left slightly open. 
My toilet paper is always dispensed from the top of the roll.  If I find myself in another bathroom and see the TP  mistakenly set up to roll in the wrong direction, I will change it.  The big commercial rolls are challenging; I can't always wrestle them out of the dispenser.  Frustrating. Although since most of them are sideways, it doesn't seem to bother me as much.
I would really like all the clocks in the house and cars to be exactly the same.  The whole daylight savings time thing makes me a bit jumpy - twice a year!
Interestingly enough, OCD doesn't really get in the way of housekeeping for me.  I can tolerate a fair amount of dust.  I'm ok with waiting until I can write my name in it.  The windows are ignored for years.  The floors are probably the only part of the house that make me a tad twitchy.  They will never fall into the "you can eat of them" category but I do like them to be crumb-free.
Twice a year I host an "arty" open house so things have to be moved around and put away until after we shut down.  It's the "putting things back" that stirs up the OCD - just a little..  Petey and I have a different style when it comes to that so if he helps I may have to re-arrange later in the evening . . . . so I can sleep.
So?  How about you? 


  1. Man here I thought we were alike. But we part ways here! I gave the O, the C and the D to my sister. She has it in spades. I am only motivated by guilt and company coming. Dust is my friend and design standard, who cares which way the toilet paper rolls as long as there is some, and I only check my phone for the time! OK, maybe a little OCD on furniture placement! I have been know to do the design on Autocad and then hand the drawings to hubby to move the furniture to the appropriate places! LOL

  2. I think we are similar in most areas you mentioned...except the toilet paper. I can't go to bed if a drawer or door is left open in the room. I like a clean floor but like you, dusting can wait. Clutter seems to be driving me bonkers more so now than in the past.

    You have two arty parties? I thought you just did the bazaar in the winter.

  3. Miss Bliss - I have one in the spring as well. May 5th to be exact. You're in the email batch and will be getting a notice soon.

  4. I could stand to be a little more OCD! I use to be

  5. I think I am OCD with the kitchen counters, I dislike it when I see dirt or finger prints on the granite or there are water splatters next to the sink! Basically floors and surfaces must be neat and clean, although the floors are a bit neglected at times, which irritates me.