Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Do You Have a Role Model? I Do.

                                                                       Here she is!

This is my mom, Nan Brachman.  This picture was taken when she was around 75 years old and pretty much says it all.  A friend came by her house to visit and noticed how she was looking at his bike.  He asked her if she'd like to go for a ride and, of course, she said, "Oh, yes!"  His partner's leathers fit perfectly and off they went.
Mom is my role model for many reasons.  If I had to name just one I'd say I admire her thirst for knowledge.  She, at almost 90, is still reading voraciously anything and everything.  She took to the internet like a duck takes to water and is constantly looking for information.  She's interested and interesting.
Mom enjoys people and they love her.  I'm pretty sure the reason my friend, Joy, and I have stayed so close over the past 45+ years is because she adores my mom.  People are constantly asking me, "How's your mom?"
Here's an example of what a free spirit my mom is:  she decided to sponge paint her bathroom a number of years ago.  She only applied the paint up as far as she could reach.  Didn't use a ladder (why bother, eh?) so the paint didn't go all the way up to the ceiling.  She also decided to do the floor.  Why not?  There was still paint left over.  Using what was left sparingly she painted around the throw rugs.  Yes, that's right, she didn't bother to remove the rugs.  Why would you?  Who's going to notice you didn't paint under the rugs?
Mom has "volunteer" in her blood.  She volunteered for the hospital, for the Girl Scouts, for hospice, for the schools and is still at it volunteering for a group out of Western Michigan University.
Here's mom with her brother, my Uncle Ray, who is 13 months her junior.  He's a stitch and one of my favorite people on the planet.
                                                I come from good stock.  I'm a lucky gal.


  1. Leslye Wilson BursonApril 18, 2012 at 9:47 PM

    I love your Mom !!!!

  2. Such a spirited lady, your mom, that is surely what makes her still so beautiful at almost 90 and so young on the inside :)

  3. What a gal! How IS your mom anyway?

  4. Marilyn - mom is amazing. She loves Friendship Village in Kazoo. Still very independent and gets involved in what she feels like getting involved in. We're all very happy.

  5. That's great! I'm pretty sure there's other reasons my mom has been friends with you for the last 46? years!

  6. Hi Ellie! Love this posting AND your Mom! I remember the day she came over to chat - while I was making beads. She was fascinated and we talked while I messed around. (Actually, she shared things from her heart, which I will tell you about sometime :-) A few weeks after her visit, your Dad called and wanted to come by. Since this had never happened with either of your parents, I was intrigued! Upon his arrival, he said, "Nan LOVED your bead-making process! Can you help me to SURPRISE her by ordering a "Beginner Kit" to see if she would like to take it up, please"? And so I did - sent him home with the catalogue and suggestions for her embarkation on this fun project! He was SO sweet about it - really "touched" me :-)
    And then, after she got the surprise, I remember you and Petey setting up a morning at your parents' house for a "lesson in bead making" for your Mom. You, Nan and Petey were there and I demonstrated - and left you guys with torch glowing, fighting over who was "next" ... Ha ha ha!
    I am so happy that you took that ball and RAN! It pleases me that my "best student" has found her creative spirit and grew creatively from that moment on!
    Keep on, Ellen!