Monday, April 30, 2012

My Relationship with my Kitchen

My husband will tell you that the only reason you will find me in the kitchen is because I have to pass through it to enter or exit the house.  NOT TRUE.  Well, not always.
It is very true that I do not enjoy cooking/baking.  Not at all.  Except for the eating part that comes at the end.
I dislike (hate might be too strong) thinking about what to cook, I really dislike shopping for ingredients and I've already told you how I feel about preparing the chow.
I can cook.  Heck, anyone can cook if they can read and have some semblance of reasoning.  In all the years I've been married (almost 44!!!), I can only recall a few semi-disasters.  Again - follow the recipe.  I rarely "get creative" with instructions like my mother does.  She put raisins in tomato soup once when she was taking care of my son when he was home sick from school.  He remembers that lunch like it was yesterday.  Not in a good way.
I can bake too - when the spirit moves me and here's the proof.
Ladies and gentlemen - let me introduce you to Key Lime cake.  Is your mouth watering?  It was DEE-LISH.
The fact that I do not enjoy spending time in the kitchen and the fact that my husband and I have been members of a "dinner group" is amazing to me - even after all these years.  Thankfully each couple only hosts once a year.  Contrary to my reputation, I have made some "ballsy" decisions with regard to dinner club.  Untested dishes!!!  Whether it's my turn to make the entree or submitting a side dish, most of the time I'll look for a recipe and whip it up.  No trial run.  Confidence?  No, remember I dislike cooking so why would I make the same dish twice?
Now, don't get nervous if I invite you over for something to eat, I'll serve up a nice dish.  Really, I will.  Just don't hold your breath for the invite.


  1. The cake was are a great baker! We both enjoyed it for dinner last night. Yummy frosting. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love citrus recipes, and your cake makes my mouth water!
    So the next thing to do is pass on the recipe to me, seeing as I can't come over for a slice!

    Before I started making beads( Almost 9 years ago ) I used to spend a lot of time cooking up a storm. I loved trying all sorts of exotic recipes. I really went through phases of what I would like to bake, such as fancy breads. But now I mostly find my self thinking of the quickest way in and out of the kitchen, and baking cakes and breads are only something in my distant memories ....perhaps again one day when bead making will be a thing of the past...hopefully not too soon!

  3. Astrid - send me your email addy and I'll dash the recipe off to you.
    Mine is