Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ever Been Licked by a Cow?

I haven't but I have been snorted upon by a horse.  That was a disgusting event.  Even worse, I was holding Niko Dutkiewicz at the time.
Years ago I saw a woman who was up close and personal with a camel who hocked a wad of spit all over her.  The poor gal only had one skimpy Kleenex with her to wipe up the mess with - not for the weak of heart.  And it was a stinking hot day too.
This post isn't really about animals and their saliva, though.  It's about the weird thing your hair does if you have a "cow lick."  Wonder who decided that would be an appropriate name for hair going in opposite directions?
I don't know how I got into my 60s before I noticed I had a cowlick.  I guess it's because it's in the back of my head, up towards the crown (I love having a crown) and I never look at the back of my head.  Kind of like the back of my legs - don't shave 'em and don't care if they get tan in the summer or not.  I can't see back there anyway so . . .
Getting back to the cowlick.  I don't remember why I bothered picking up the hand mirror and doing the whole backward thing looking into the mirror above my bathroom sink but I was shocked at what I saw.  Maybe those of you with long hair don't notice cowlicks because they're buried under all that hair but when you're sporting a short "do" it sticks out like a sore thumb.  It actually looks like a huge scar - like I've had serious brain surgery.  Or possibly attacked by someone with a cleaver.
Michelle at Class Act here in Allegan cuts my hair and she's been very good about leaving that area a bit longer so there's something to work with.  For a while I would do the "holding the hand mirror and twisting around dance" when I prettied up in the morning but I've stopped.  I've reverted back to my old ways - it's in the back, who cares? At least it's not a double cowlick like those little twin boys on "Everybody Loves Raymond."  Remember them?  Right in front.  What do you do about that?
So if you're walking behind me and you happen to notice the "post surgical scar" on my head and my white, hairy legs.  Keep it to yourself, please.  It doesn't need to be brought to my attention.
Remember - I don't care.


  1. Too funny...loved the segue way into this little piece of information about you. I really thought it was going to be about unfortunate close encounters with farm animals and the like.

  2. Leslye Wilson BursonApril 5, 2012 at 10:01 AM

    OMG, you are such a hoot !!!!

  3. Yep. I have a dilly of a cowlick. Best not to think about it!

  4. Now I am not sure how I should take Ann's comment about a Dilly of a cowlick!! LOL I seem to have grown into one that drives me crazy because it's right up front and I don't remember it being there years ago. Oh Well....that's why God invented bangs!!!

  5. Yes, I grew up on a small ranch in South Dakata and have done everything from spring births,branding,milking,cleaning and you just name it!!