Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Are You Gay? I Don't Care!

I do not understand why people are still getting their trousers in a twist over sexual orientation.  What are they afraid of?  Where's the threat?
I know "we've" come a long way and I'm happy about that but I'm sad to say that prejudice must just be the nature of the beast - in many ways.
I'm only going to address the gay thing in this post, though.
Petey calls me a "gay magnet."  True, I have several friends that are gay.  I'm simply drawn to people that I find interesting and enjoy spending time with - I don't ask them who they're sleeping with before we share a cup of coffee.  I think being a "magnet" has something to do with - NOT GIVING A SHIT!
I have been fortunate over the years to meet a person who guided me through the early days of bead making, a friend who helped me in displaying my jewelry in a professional manner, another who encouraged me by selling my jewelry, still another who mentored me when I stepped into the world of Sign Language.
Think what I would have missed had I turned my back on these people because they were (and still are, hehe) gay.  Does that even make sense?
The whole marriage issue throws me for a loop, too.  Gay people marrying someone they love is a threat to the sanctity of marriage?  Really?  What's the divorce rate among heteroes?  Oh, yeah, religion.
I hate that friends I know have to "keep the secret."  That breaks my heart.  I can't imagine the stress.
And forget about the military.  Do they think the gay soldier is going to try and cop a feel in the foxhole?  With bullets flying and bombs dropping?  Good night!  Get a grip!!!
Are people born gay or did they turn gay?  That question is still floating around many closed minds.  They're definitely born gay.  As one of my closest friends said to me, "Why the hell would I chose this?"
I remember seeing a little boy in kindergarten many years ago.  He was a cool little dude and definitely gay.  I watched him grow up into a wonderful young man - gay.
Here's my closing story:  I was interpreting in a middle school classroom years ago and during the last few minutes of class time kids were asking the teacher questions about several topics.  One student asked about gay people and how they "got that way."  I braced myself and, sure enough, a stupid answer came flying out of her mouth.  "I think it's because they didn't have a father in their home."  What?????????  Honestly, my hands froze in the air.  I could not interpret that sentence.  Totally against my Code of Ethics as an interpreter but I simply could not make my hands move.
And there ya have it. 


  1. I guess I am a magnet too! I am so glad your hands couldn't interpret such a stupid statement! I would have had to pick my jaw up off the floor and moved my child to a different classroom!!!

  2. Right on, Ellen! My life wouldn't be nearly so rich without my gay friends!

  3. I don't care either! California embarrassed me with Prop 8 and the fight continues to legalize marriage in the state that should have been leading the way. A young adult very close to me is afraid to open up to anyone, afraid her parents will hate her, etc. Think I'm the only one she confides in and I try to guide her best I can.

  4. Right there with you Ellen. I may have interpreted something along the lines of, "This teacher is a moron." What am I saying? I can't sign?? Though I might have made an exception and learned this one!