Friday, April 13, 2012

Our Animal Shelter and a lot of Good People

If you live in this area you have seen the tragic story of the 350 puppies and dogs rescued from idiots.  350!   That's not even a puppy mill - what the hell is that?  Were these people "puppy hoarders?"
They were all small dogs - filthy and unhealthy in many cases but oddly, not starving.
After reading an article in our little paper yesterday asking for donated items, I went out with a few things. 
I'd never been to the shelter before - no reason to go.  As I drove down the road I saw cars.  Cars lined the driveway leading up to the shelter - on both sides of the driveway!!!  I had to stand in line to donate the collars and leashes I brought with me. 
I heard the volunteer coordinator tell someone to take a volunteer from the food truck (a huge truck filled with bags and cans of donated dog food that had to be transferred into a storage unit) to help do something else of a more immediate nature.  Before I knew it, I was in the truck taking that person's place.
When I got home I saw pictures on Facebook of my friend, Jane's daughter, Jennifer, who owns a doggie "salon" in South Haven.  She had taken in 30 of the dogs for bathing and grooming.  The before and after pictures brought tears to my eyes.
People are good.  People have big hearts. 

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  1. I just heard about this from my sad! What will become of them all? Are you thinking of adopting another dog? I think I might mention it to Master Bliss just for the excitement his reaction will bring into my life. : ) I sort of wish I could get a couple more...if we had more yard.