Thursday, August 2, 2012

Inside our "five and dime."

 Locals are still referring to this store as "Huff's."  A new corporation bought it a few years ago but we have chosen to ignore the new moniker.

 Yes, back in the day, this kind of store was referred to as a "Five and dime" or just "the dime store" but I believe you'll have a hard time finding anything with a 5 cent price tag on it.

                                                        Candy counter - love it.

             Don't you just want to dig your hands into the bins?  Don't - it's frowned upon.

 Now for the departments.  Here's the undie aisle.  When I look at these garments the words "over the shoulder boulder holder" come into my mind.  Remember saying that?  No?  Jeez, how old are you?

                                                Fuzzy, comfy socks in a vast array of colors.

                                                              The craft department.

                                                                 More crafts.

                                     This is the wall 'o yarn.  We're talking the whole dang wall. 

                                        Material by the yard.  There's more on the far wall too.

                                       Kitchen supplies.  I don't spend a lot of time in this area.

                                      Here's an up close and personal of the fabric I mentioned.

                                              Cards galore and they don't cost $9.00 each.

    Clothing for when/if the temperature ever descends.  I love the lime/hot pink color combo.

   These are darling summer dresses/beach cover-ups.  They're selling like hot cakes.  Hurry!

          The toy aisle.  That little girl gets $10.00 an hour to demo the hula hoop.  Not really.

                                                       Customers waiting to check out.

                                                                  Future customers waiting to check out.  Hey, kids!  Wake up, it's time to pay.  Where are your purses?

These stairs will take you to the basement for way, way discounted items.  I just bought two (2) fly swatters there for $1.29.  What a deal!!!

Guess who else loves to come to Huff's?  Lynn Huff is a real sucker for dogs.  Augie never leaves the place hungry.  Thanks, Lynn.


  1. They have the best yarn sale 2 times a year. Several pairs of felted slippers started out on that yarn wall. I need fly scatters too. Hope you didn't get the last ones. Joyce

    1. There are more in the basement, Joyce.

  2. Gotta love Huff's! I've been living in Allegan for just a smidgen over 10 years and have always called it Huff's! Thanks for spotlighting them, Ellen! We all need to be reminded to frequent our local Allegan businesses whenever possible.

  3. LURVE that Lime and pink sweatshirt. We should do a swap~ you send me that one from your hometown and I'll shoot you one from Bama. Hope you like Crimson and white. ;)

  4. PS..very cool store. Those are a thing of the past for the most part.

  5. Having a dime store in town was a major pull for moving here...seriously. I love the old-time feel of it. LOVE the dark chocolate malt balls. Love the smell of the store--don't ask me why, I just do. And great idea about those dresses for beach cover-ups. I just may do some shopping today in between shifts at work. Yes, you read that right...I am doing a "double" today. :)

    Have fun in Chicago!!