Friday, August 17, 2012

Our anniversary night out.

Forty-four years ago today Peter and I stood at an altar in a Catholic church and sealed the deal.  Yes, I was 13 years old (if it was good enough for Lo-retta Lynn, it was good enough for me) and Petey was 15.  Actually we weren't much older than that so we always refer to our marriage as a miracle.

We celebrated this anniversary at the Bistro in Paw Paw about 25 miles south of here.  We've eaten here a few times over the years and I have never been able to order dessert.  I'm always too full.  When you see what I ordered, you'll understand.

A half slab of baby back ribs.  The BBQ sauce is their own special recipe.  OMG!

There was a salad prior to the ribs and the plate full of starch (corn on the cob and garlic mashed taters) but I neglected to get a picture of it.  It was wowzer yummy, though.  Oh, and before that the warm rolls with tasty, sweetened butter hit the table.  Because, you know, we needed more starch.

After dinner we decided we needed to walk it off so we drove to Maple Isle on the outskirts of Paw2.

A family boating.  We chatted with them as they paddled under the bridge we were walking on.

There's only one way on and one way off.  Can you imagine the mad dash when a storm rolls around?

Plenty o' picnic space.  There are several benches and tables all around the island.

This is an "art shot."  I didn't have to really tell you that, did I?  You recognized it right away, didn't you?

Swans a-swimming.

This is the second picture in my "art" series.  The series only consisted of two shots.  It's a small island.

We decided we'd walked enough and appreciating nature makes a gal hungry so off we went to find dessert.

D'Nicio's is in Kalamazoo.  They also serve what looks like great Greek food.

And we found it!  We will now be eating only rice cakes and air sandwiches for a week.  Well, right after tomorrow night when we have dinner with friends at the Grill House.  We're celebrating the whole damn weekend.


  1. Happy Anniversary! And where the heck is D'Nicio's? I have never heard of it. We were just in Kzoo tonight for the 30th anniversary Open House of the Park Street Art/Warehouse Building. If I had known about D'Nicio's, I so would've gone!!!

    1. It's out on West Main (M-43) in front of Mennard's. One of these days I want to have "food" there instead of ice cream or more likely, in addition to ice cream.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Ellen. I LOVE the picture of you and Pete!

  3. I should have included Pete in my happy anniversary!! Duh. It's late.

  4. Ellen, I am amazed, you married at 13? Happy Anniversary to both of you, and to many more years together!


  5. I flipping LOVE you. And all 2 of your art shots. And that you went for dessert.

    Keep being awesome, twisted child bride. ;) is LOOOWretta Leeeeyin.

    (get it right..that's all I'm sayin')

    Mental *squish* my friend.

    1. Thanks everyone for your best wishes. And thanks, Juls, for the correct pronunciation of Miss Lynn's name. I'll work on my drawl.

  6. Stace - aka maid of honorAugust 18, 2012 at 10:54 AM

    And I remember that day quite well - and the heat - and the fainting bride - and the pink bridesmaid dresses - and the father of the bride - and the very tall best man -and that I had to carry small vials of things down the aisle - or maybe that was the very tall best man who carried that stuff - and the father of the groom - I don't however, remember the party afterward - is that because we were all too young to drink?

    1. All too young to drink? hmmmmm, everyone else there seemed to be shit-faced so I'm not sure about that.
      Those little "vials" (typical Protestant mistake, hehe) were full of communal "wine."