Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our "hang out" - The Grill House

The Grill House is right outside of town; a short 3-ish mile ride.  It's like our "Cheers."  A fun place with good food and music on the weekends.

The reason it's called The "Grill" House is because there's a big ass grill inside.

                                                                See?  I told ya.

So, here's the drill.  You go into the grill room and select your dinner meat: beef, fish or kabobs.  If you're not sure how long you should grill your choice, the "grill master" will guide you.  It's a very popular activity and people come from far and wide to participate.

If you're not into grilling you can always order from the pub menu.  Wraps, burgers, pasta dishes, etc., and always specials to pick from.

                  Let's go back outside.  When the weather cooperates, this is my favorite place to be.

                                                              This is the courtyard.

 If you want to have dinner in one of these coolio gliders you either need to get there at 3p or make a reservation.  They're very popular.

This fountain is in the middle of the courtyard.  If it's breezy out there it's not a good idea to sit too close to it.  Ask me how I know.

 To one side of the courtyard is an outside bar with tables and chairs.  Hey, look, there's Dave and Diane.

                                                 A "Buffet" feel to the whole area.

I don't know these people but they looked like they were really enjoying themselves so I asked if I could take their picture.  Immediately, the guy on the right stuck his fingers in his nose.  Who let him in????

 This old silo has been there forever.  When Dan and Marcia (the owners of the Grill House) decided they needed a place for wedding receptions, etc., they attached a building and called it . . .

                                                 That's right!  Boy, you guys are smart. 

                        This is the back of the Silo.  There's a beautiful deck and plenty o' parking.

                                              A nice "country" flavor, doncha think?

                                                            Let's go back inside.

This area is the lower level of the Grill House called the Rock Bottom.  This place "rocks" with boisterous folks.  Take my word for it.  You can't hear them but they were loud.  Having a good time, though.

This is where you can find us when the weather isn't cooperating.  I didn't get a shot of the tables in the bar but there are several and windows all around.  Again, the whole "Cheers" feel.

I mentioned music earlier; during the winter there is music in the Rock Bottom and during the summer?

Famous singers perform on the stage in the courtyard.  If this fantastic woman ever graces the stage again, you do NOT want to miss her.  I'm telling ya, the crowd went wild when she sang.  Standing ovations after each and every song.  Her voice was being compared to . . . have I gone too far?  A little much?  Sorry.

If you're ever in the area come on out to the Grill House.  Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you that it's haunted!  And the Grill House has been featured on two different "food" shows on TV!  How cool is that?


  1. E, I want to go there for dinner and sit outside. I had NO idea that was there. When can we all go??? Jane

    1. One of the last two weekends in Aug.? Fri. or Sat. or Sunday; they all have music. No music during the week, which wouldn't really be an issue.
      Doesn't matter to us. You pick - we go!

  2. I'll have to check that place out someday! ; P

  3. Nice write up Ellen! Keep the writings about Allegan's "treasures" coming!