Sunday, August 19, 2012

The annual fiber fest

My sister, Lisa, and I went up to the fairgrounds today to check out the annual fiberfest.  I don't remember how many years this event has been going on but it is known far and wide and people come from everywhere; as vendors and people like the Brachman/Altamore ladies.

First off, you need to know I do nothing with fiber.  I don't knit, crochet, felt or sew.  I'm the gal that uses duct tape to hem my pants but I love to look at pretty things and chat up interesting folk.  I can do both of those things at this festival.  And I don't have to drive there and fight traffic.

There were several vendors selling their handmade baskets.

Aren't these colors yummy?  Wouldn't this look swell on me??????????

There has to be a head somewhere for this hat.  Who do you know that could carry off this look?

Where's Elmer Fudd when you need him?

I know this is a loom because I do know some things.

 This young woman had a lot of yard.  Boy howdy!  Wall to wall yarn.

Isn't she a beauty?

 Now, if I looked good in hats, and I don't, trust me, I would so have this one.

 Lisa and I bought socks!  They're supposed to wick really well.  I'll test them out at Jazzercise.

 This guy comes every year and I never tire of his herding demonstrations.  He knows what he's doing and he's very humorous to boot.

 I had to include this fuzzy, wuzzy, squishy bear.

 I was so excited when I saw these purses because my friend, Jane, and I had just been talking about felted purses with leather straps last night.  Then I found out that these ladies make the leather straps and handles but not the purses.  They do, however, sell the kits/patterns to make them.

A clay necklace with clay buttons in the middle.  I believe that's another clay necklace next to it.

Lisa and I had a nice chat with the lady that made these beautiful buttons, etc.  Very unique.

 Ho, ho, ho.

 That's, Cindy.  She's from Wisc. and we met her and her husband, John, last year when they came to the festival.  We're BFFs now.  Next year we're all going to go out and get drunk together.  Not really but we're definitely going to the Grill House for dinner.  Aren't we, Cindy?  Right, John?

This is one of Cindy's hats.  I think the one I coveted above is one of hers too.

More hats.  Not Cindy's.

 Spinning yarn.

My pictures are out of order and there's a story that goes along with it but it's a boring story so I won't bore you.  You're welcome.  The two pictures above are the purses that are not for sale with the handles that are.

There's the Allegan band booth serving up chow.  Lisa had a burger for lunch and said it was delicious.  There's my Jazz pal, Patty (i?).  She's a volunteer extraordinaire.

If you love BBQ, you need to check out Big Moe's.  Moe (or BeMo as we called him when he was a kid) is a local man and believe me when I tell you - his stuff is good!

More doo-dads.  THE END!


  1. Love the pictures, Ellen. I will have to attempt to get there some year soon. When my husband read about this in our local paper he wondered if they were selling items like FiberOne bars, etc. Wrong fiber, Bob!

    1. Maybe next year Bob could have his own "Fiber One" booth.
      You really need to try and get up there, Marilyn, even if you're not really into the whole fiber thing like me. It's still a very enjoyable day.

  2. think it is 15 years they have been here at allegan with the festival.

    1. The first one I remember being at was with Sue Lange and she died 15 years ago this October.

  3. We knitters salute you for going even though you're not a fiber person! I go for the yarn, but also for the hand-made soap from Kinderhaven Farm. I tuck it in my yarn stash to make it all smell wonderful! Yarn and patterns are like books - so much/many; so little time!

    1. I didn't know you knitted until Carol told me. My sister wants to know if she can call upon you if she has a knitting issue.
      I did NOT know about the soup. I'll have to look for that next year.

  4. Leslye Wilson BursonAugust 22, 2012 at 6:44 PM

    Ellen, I really had to laugh at myself because my first thought was about "fiber" in "food" ..... and was thinking "ummm, Allegan does some off beat things" !!!! Too funny .... but I see "Marilyn"s" husband in the comments above, and I were on the same page !

  5. Thanks for taking us to FiberFest! I didn't go this year--the temptation to spend money is just too great. And I'd probably have bought yarn just because the color was so dreamy--not because I'd ever DO anything with it. (Like you, I'm not really a yarny kind of person...) But now it feels like I was there!

    1. And you're welcome for saving the $5 entrance fee. haha