Saturday, August 4, 2012

We dined in Chicago.

While in Chicago we had a few good meals.  Good?  Oh, no sir, not even close to good.  How about over the top, out of this world, smack me momma I want to scream it was so good.
First up - lunch at Bar Toma.

                                       We did not eat outside since it was 9,000 degrees.

We had several scrumptious appetizers before the pizzas hit the table.  Things like mozzarella slices accompanied with a few sauces and shaved prosciutto.  I was so excited I forgot to take pictures of those.  You'll have to use your imagination.

                      This is where we had dinner.  It's called "q" and is known for it's BBQ.

                           It was still 9,000 degrees out so we opted for indoor dining.

We were seated in an almost private room.  There were only 4 other people in there with us and here they are.

I was captivated by these people.  They exuded class and a spirit of happiness that drew my attention immediately.  I don't want to be obnoxious but . . . I think I love them.  Hi, Dawn.          

                                                          I think they love me too.

This was my plate.  Half slab of ribs, pulled chicken and corn bread.  I couldn't eat the corn bread I was way too full.  I brought it home and ate it tonight.  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         These are the sauces they served with the ribs, etc.

My great niece, Amanda, ordered this skillet of mac and cheese and it was amazing.  Above it and to the right is a bowl of potato chips they brought for us to munch on.  Another bowl to its left is filled with tasty pickles.

Amanda picked this place for lunch today.  She thought it looked interesting and it was definitely a good call.

When we arrived this restaurant was nearly empty but that didn't last long.  The manager was told by our server that we were new to The Big Bowl so he brought us some summer rolls.  Thank you Mr.Manager!

Amanda wanted stir fry so she made her selections from this area and they whipped up her lunch for her.

Mike ordered more summer rolls and some pot stickers.  Things Petey and I have never eaten before.  We stuffed our little faces.  We had to bulk up for the trip home, ya know.  One wouldn't want to face a 3 hour drive on a stomach that wasn't sufficiently full.  Right?

This was Peter's dish.  Something from China that had the number "7" in the name.  He was smacking his lips.

I ordered a Pad Thai salad.  Amazingly tasty.  The flavors bursting in my mouth made noise, I swear.

This trip was wonderful made even more special because of the delightful food.


  1. Big Bowl is my favorite lunch destination when in Chicago. You reminded me to add it to my list when we go this fall.

  2. You hit some nice places. Too funny about the other 4 eating there. I was looking at their picture thinking how elegant they looked and then scrolled down and read what you said--LOL. I am sure they loved you too.