Saturday, August 4, 2012

Puttin' on the Ritz

We went to Chicago this weekend to meet our nephew and his family and we stayed at the Ritz.

That's Petey in the foreground in the blue shirt.  He's trying to look calm but you know he's so, so very excited about staying at the Ritz.

                                                                  Our room

                                                                  The bathroom - 2 sinks!!!

                                                        Foo-foo stuff in the bathroom

                                                           Our view.  Can ya stand it?

                                                       Chandeliers in the damn elevators!

                                                   The lobby.  Restaurant towards the back.

                                                                 Skylight in the lobby.

                                                           Sculpture and fountain.

                                                          Lounge area.  We lounged here.

Another lounge area.  I walked through this spot on my way to the restroom.  No lounging.

This is our nephew, Mike, his lovely wife, Michelle, and their wonderful kids, Andrew and Amanda.
Thank for so very, very much for treating us to The Ritz-Carlton.  A memory we'll hold dear forever.

We didn't even act like the Clampets.  Not even once.  We're very proud of ourselves.                

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  1. Gorgeous the decor! Especially the room/bath.