Sunday, August 5, 2012

Part lll of the Chicago trilogy

We packed a lot of activity into our short visit.  The first stop was the Lego store.  My nephew, Andrew, is a Lego genius.

That was exhausting and then we were hungry.  I've already showed you a picture of the pizza we had for lunch but I didn't include this group shot.

                                    This was before we ate - don't we look hot and hungry?

 This one and the two below are just "while we were walking" shots.  Beautiful flowers, wonderful doors, and interesting details.

                      Outdoor dining surrounded by flowers.  Can't get much better than that.

I could have taken a thousand pictures like these but every time I stopped by group left me behind.

I know what you're thinking.  What the heck is that?  It's the door leading to Michelle Obama's favorite book store.

                                      Look closely and you can see her book to the far right.

                                  Next up was the Robie house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

This picture shows you what used to be a 3-car, attached garage.  Most likely the first of its kind.

                                           Then came the Museum of Science and Industry.

                             I have no idea what Peter and Mike are doing but they were engrossed.

 I'm not sure if the dude on the bi-plane was Orville or Wilbur.  I didn't want to ask and embarrass him.

                                                                    A German sub.

                                   Last but not least - The Museum of Contemporary Art.

                            And I totally forgot to tell you about my brush with stardom.


 This guy, Fred Willard, stepped out of the elevator at the Ritz as we were entering.

                               Well, that's the last of our Chicago trip.  It was such a great time.


  1. Well wowzers! You guys certainly packed a lot into your short visit! I Loved all the food, sights and the RITZ!!! Now back to reality Chica!!!

  2. That was fun. I gained 5 pounds while looking at the pics. And, Pete and Mike sure do look related!

  3. Wow, Ellen. Loved the pictures. You really will remember this forever because you stopped to really look at things, and recorded them. Glad you had such a great time.

  4. Leslye Wilson BursonAugust 5, 2012 at 1:59 PM

    Loved the Trilogy ..... spectacular food and fabulous sights .... thanks for sharing !!!!!

  5. JEALOUS that you saw the Robie House. On my next trip I hope to see that and the Oriental Institute. A pay a little homage to Oak Street. And the zoo. I will probably feel more comfortable at the zoo than on Oak Street. ; )