Thursday, August 16, 2012

Let's go to the lakeshore

 South Haven is one of many beautiful towns that are dotted along the shores of  Lake Michigan.  Michigan has a ton o' lakes but when we talk about Lake Michigan, we always say "the big lake."  Locals know what we're talking about.  It's never confused with Big Lake which is right outside of Allegan.

 There are some really wonderful shops downtown.  Don't just stick to the main drag; check out the side streets as well.  You won't be disappointed.

You might like to grab a bite to eat while you're strolling around, too.  Clementine's or "Clem's" as we call it, it a great spot.  The food is always good and the interior  is very, very cool.  There is always a line in the summer.  I don't care what time you go.  That says something, doncha think?

 There are tables to the right of this clock with plenty of shade if it's a bit toasty out.

If you didn't already know, South Haven is the "Blueberry capitol of the world."  Tasty little things.

This is the channel where the Black River goes out into the "big lake."

 Music and festivals are held in this area during the summer.

My folks owned a cottage in South Haven for many, many years.  This is not it.

 The light house on the south side of the pier.

Up close and personal.

Here is a shot of South Beach.  In all the years we went to SH, I never once stepped foot onto this beach.
We always claimed that our beach, North Beach, was better.  I'm sure the bathers on the south side said the same.

North Beach.

We have wonderful memories of all the years we spent at the family cottage.  Our neighbors were fantastic.  There were many parties, gab fests on the sand and our very own All Kazoo Parade during the July 4th holiday.

The cottage sold a few years ago.  The new people tore it down and built a 3-story "cottage."  That was tough to watch.  We hardly ever go back now.  Life moves on, eh?


  1. Great pics! You should've been here last weekend for Blueberry Festival. Lots to do even though the weather didn't totally cooperate. Jane

  2. Adore! South Haven. We camped there every summer for years and it holds many special memories. What great memories you must have from your childhood/youth of being there during the summer.