Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Walking the beach

Last week, late in the afternoon, Petey and I decided to drive to the lake shore.

This is a public beach directly west of Allegan.  It's called Pier Cove.  It is the tiniest public beach around.  It feels like it's about 6 feet wide.  Not really but not much more - it's an itty, bitty one.

 The coolest thing about Pier Cove is this creek.  When I was a kid we used to come here and spend hours playing in this creek.  At least I hope it was me and I'm not, yet again, stealing some other kid's memory.

 You were waiting for the "foot in the water" picture, weren't you?  Didn't want to disappoint.

 Someone needs to do a little cabana repair, don't you think?

 This stone has several names:  Lightning stone, Lucky stone and Spirit stone.  Or Petrified poop stone.  That last one is mine. hehe


 After walking the beach for hours and hours - ok, we were there for about 45 minutes - we were hungry.  We dusted the sand from our tootsies and headed to Douglas for some pizza!!!

I have no idea how we have missed eating at Back Alley Pizza.  You'd think Petey's pizza radar would have taken us there a long time ago.

 Two tiny tables inside and three outside. We had a bit of a wait for an empty one so I headed across the street to the lovely park for some pics.

 What a gorgeous day.  The flowers were cooperating to the max!

This is the main drag in Douglas.  I love, love, love Saugatuck and that's where most people hang out but you really need to check out Douglas.  I always say it's like the little brother to Saugatuck without the T-shirts and fudge.  Very quaint.  Lovely shops and outstanding eateries.

 Finally the pie arrived and, oh my, it was tasty.  After looking at it, I'll bet you're wondering why you don't see anything but cheese on this bad boy.  As Petey always tells me, "Real Sicilians eat cheese pizza."  I'm not at all sure about that but now that I think of it, I never saw any of his relatives order anything but cheese on their pizzas.  This one was perfect.  The crust was crunchy all the way through - just the way we like it.

We're coming up on the most beautiful time at the lake shore as far as I'm concerned.  Strolling the beach in September (and swimming if you're into it) can be incredibly peaceful and warm.  The sunsets are TDF.

We here in south west Michigan consider ourselves lucky indeed.  Our lake shore is less than an hour away.  When I think of all the people who cram their kids and all their beach paraphernalia into the station wagon and drive two hours or more for some beach time, all I can think is "it's gotta suck to be you."


  1. valid memory of Pier Cove - we spent hours there with the Hs & Ps. The adults used to send us on missions to find different colored stones - far reaching missions to keep us out of the adult conversations!

    1. Thanks for validating my memory, Stace.

  2. Agreed (about the beach in September and Douglas...and Pier Cove).
    Question, do you know how to cut/polish stones?

    1. No help for you in the cutting of the stone, sorry. BTW, you inspired me, once again, to take my camera to the beach.

  3. Those Douglas storefronts, as well as those in Saugatuck around Christmas make for beautiful photos. I got some beauties last winter on a clear, crisp evening. The lights are awesome and decorations divine. I will be waiting to see some.

    1. And I will be awaiting your "reminder" or it'll probably never happen.
      Thanks, Marilyn.

  4. Next time you go to Back Alley Pizza, let them know you are from Allegan. We are trying to get them to open one here so we don’t have to drive so far. We ALWAYS let them know they have Allegan fans….Deb

    1. I may have mentioned Allegan when I told them why I wanted to take pictures but I'm not sure.
      Oh, man, wouldn't it be great to have them here?