Sunday, August 12, 2012

I have issues with body piercing.

I just saw a man on TV and both his ears were pierced.  I know men have been doing this for quite a while now and I'm still having an issue with it.  Too girly for me.

I was fine with a single ear being pierced but two?  On a guy?  No, it just doesn't seem right.

While we're talking ears, I really don't get that whole disk thing.  At some point they (I've never seen them in female lobes) will want to remove them.  Then what?  Won't their ear lobes be all stretched out and droopy?  That is totally beyond me.

You don't see eye brow piercing like you used to.  That didn't put me off that much.

The nose:  if it was a tiny diamond on the side, ok.  The rod through the septum or a hoop - no can do.  I can't look at anything else but that - it's like a train wreck.  My eyes are glued, all the time wondering what they do when they have a cold.

Tongues:  that one doesn't gross me out unless they start playing with it.  Also if it clacks against their teeth it's very distracting.

I saw a young person (I sound like an old fart, don't I?  Well, I am.) the other day with two piercings on his/her lower lip.  Isn't it weird - I can't remember if it was a young man or a young woman.  Another "old" thing.  Yuck and double yuck.

Ears:  no issues at all.  I have never been tempted to get more than one hole punched into my ear lobe but I don't care if women have several.

I know some people pierce other parts on their bodies but we're not going there today.

You're welcome.


  1. Yeah, I am with you Ellen, Except for some, they can be removed when you get older or the fashion has faded, I really don't like tattoos for that reason!

    1. I'm with you on the tattoo thing, too, Astrid. That's why I waited until I was 57/58 (can't remember) to get mine.
      I knew I'd only have one and it's a pink ribbon on my lower leg - hopefully the only part of my body that won't sag - too much.