Monday, July 2, 2012

You already saw the outside, now let's go inside

 Hunter's.  Well, not quite yet.  I don't believe I've introduced the owner/operator, Tom Hunter, yet.  Actually, if you've been reading along since the inception of my blog, you'll remember seeing this store before.  I think I told you that Tom always refers to himself as "Tomas the Magnificent."  I'm not at all sure where he came up with that but, oh well.  I indulge him every now and then - but not too often.  It goes to his head.
There he is checking out a bike.  Tom sells bikes among a million other things in his store but he's known as "bike boy."  I might be the only person that calls him that - I'm not sure. 
He not only sells bikes but he fixes them - as is clearly shown in the photo below.

                                                                        Tons 'o bikes.

                                                This is the sporting goods department.

                                                              Paint department.

Now I will take you into an area that few people have entered - the back room.  Little children are afraid of this room.  Legend has it that a small child wandered into this place several years ago and hasn't been seen since.  I might have made that up.
There's a bathroom back there but I'll spare you the picture of it.  I had to use it once and have had nightmares ever since.

 And Tom knows where everything is - believe me.  I've seen it, for real.  You ask for something obscure, a look comes into his eyes and off he goes - into this scary place - and returns with the item you requested.  It's spooky how he does that.

I've actually climbed this ladder into the loft (can't think of another word to describe this spot) and it's not for the faint of heart.

                                           Does your little red wagon need a tire - or two?

                                                            What is that thing, Tom?

                                                            Wanna buy a watch?

                                                          How about some shovels?

This is the mountain of empty boxes.  Sometime it's more of a hill than a mountain but when I need a box (I came here for my cat's casket when he died) of any size - I stop here first.

           Now let's go back into the main part of the store.  This is where many repairs take place.

I did not realize that Tom also repaired cars although it shouldn't surprise me.  I have parked my car at the curb before and asked if he had a battery for my ride.  Of course he did!  He did his disappearing act into the scary place and returned with just what I needed.  He even put it into my car for me.  What a guy!!!                                                         

               The business center or where Tom listens to NPR and reads my blog.  Right, Tom?

  If you're looking for that one last Matchbox car to complete your collection - guess where you can find it?
                              You'd better hurry, tho', doesn't look like there are many left.

Last but not least is the ceiling.  Or as Tom refers to it as "the floor on the ceiling."  The old metal kind.  Not a lot of these left.

Tom (ok, Tomas the Magnificent) is also my go-to guy for "Allegan info."  I can't tell you how many times I've been involved in a conversation and been stuck for a fact.  Someone with their wits about them always says, "Call, Tom."
And don't ever play opposite him in a game of Trivial Pursuit.  It's annoying; he knows a lot stuff.

If you're in the area and have a moment or nine - stop into Hunter's.  It's a magical, mystical world in there.


  1. I love that store, & "bike boy" too!

  2. Great coverage...I think you captured the spirit of the store well. I didn't know about the back room and upstairs.

  3. I've only ever taken perhaps two steps into the store and have not ventured any further. The amount of items in that store is a little intimidating, and I'm always a little afraid that if I touch anything, everything will start falling down on me!

    The last time I stopped in to pick up a bike that he worked on, he told me he didn't remember what bike I was talking about, but as soon as I pointed out my son, he immediately knew which one we were talking about and found it. (He had forgotten to put our name on it or write down our phone number!)

    He does great work and at great prices. It's people like him and his business that make me feel like I live in a great small town. Thanks for paying homage to Tom the Magnificent and his business!

  4. OMG, this blog is fantastic. I am soooo proud to be your sister.

  5. Tom is the man! The true treasure is the store itself. Wandering around and checking out the dusty shelves, you can find treasures from the 70s to now!